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Philippine Partnership

The Balikatan Connection follows the example of partnership. It is the partnership between Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) students, alumni and friends and a IVCF staff worker, called to devote their full time in the helping and disciplining today's students who have the potential to be tomorrow's leaders.   
Rosie and I are asking you to think back to your Bible training and remember the Apostle Paul and the Philippian Christians. They were partners in the Gospel. Through the Philippians were poor (see 2 Cor. 8:1-2) they have taken the responsibility to support Paul's financial and material needs. The result of the support that Paul received enabled him to devote his full life to the ministry of preaching the Gospel (see Acts. 18:5)

We understand the value of the international students who are studying today. We know that these students in the universities are under peer pressure, parent pressure, and society pressure. International students received support from the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF). We know the value of the IVCF Philippian Connection. We know that IVCF Philippian Connection Staffworkers who devote their lives to the support of the students who are studying in Philippines are helping to develop the Leaders of the Future. Yes, it cost time, effort, and money to support a staffworker so that staffworker can do the hard work of reaching out to the students on their campus.


Partner in fulfilling IVCF’s dream of a Learning Campus

Consider giving a one time gift. Click on Campus and read more about the development of the IVCF campus project. Your financial help will greatly help fulfill IVCF’s dream to have its own campsite. May God continue to bless you as you share in this worthy endeavor. “When I was looking at the still empty land I envisioned the many lives that will be transformed by God in the place. I thought about the great work that God will do not only to staff and students but also to the people in the neighboring towns.” Lina Padilla

Connect with our IVCF alumni in Missions

Where are they? Who are they? Click Alumni in missions and you will see some names and the whereabouts of our IVCF alumni who are in the missionary field, mission organizations or church workers outside of the Philippines.

The Balikatan logo is the well-known

symbol of people helping a neighbor,

a friend, or a brother move his house.

This is a beautiful picture of the Filipino tradition

of cooperation and support.

Indeed the task portrayed here is gargantuan,

if not impossible. Likewise,

BALIKATAN's goals are ambitious, but not unrealistic. 

This was originally created by Yeye Mateo from IVCARES of Chicago

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