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| Quarterly Newsletter of IVCF Philippines | Email Issue March  2006 |

To: Walter & Rosie Okon

A new season to serve Him above all


Greetings in Christ and may His peace be with you all.

“To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1.

When the IVCF-BOT chair, Ramon Rocha III, announced my appointment as incoming IVCF National Director, it signaled the forthcoming transition, ushering in a new season of change towards growth and fruitfulness. I take this appointment as God’s direction for the Movement and for me; and I will proceed from hereon with this clear understanding of God’s call.
I accept the call, will stand by this mandate and commit that for this task I will continue to trust Him fully for every strength and wisdom. It is enough for me at this time, His will has been clearly revealed and I, too, will wait for His equipping to surely follow. I will need your constant prayers to keep me strong and intensely focused in this mission amidst the challenges and pressures that lie ahead. Like many of you, I have faith that all will be well as God directs us in this ministry of IVCF-Philippines as He has proven constantly in the past as in the present.

I acknowledge that I have never seen God’s direction so closely at work in my life than in this call. In prayer, it finally dawned upon my wife and me that this is no longer a consideration on the scale of simply having to choose one career option over another, but it is something much bigger than what we perceive it to be. For me, it finally became a singular issue of obedience to God; one that required my quick response. Thus, through His grace, I accept the task with calmness and full assurance of God’s enabling grace.

To all in the IVCF family: to our trustees, our elders, our dedicated staff workers, Graduate Team members, our former staff and General Secretaries, our graduates from all walks of life in various workplaces all over the world, our faithful Balikatan family and ministry partners, and finally to each of our dear students from whom this movement draws its inspiration and purposes for being, I now call on you all to allow God to renew the spirit of faithfulness, zeal, excitement and joy of working TOGETHER as one family in this ministry. Let us remember and put Christ, our first love, at the center and above it all. I also enjoin each one to really thirst and to obediently seek God, inquiring of Him your specific role in this season of change for this movement. Find your place and space in this ministry. Then let me hear, pray, share and work with you about it. God and this movement deserves the very best from all of us.

The season of change has again come for all of us. Let us receive it with gladness of heart and thanksgiving. Be part of this active, exciting and life-changing journey. Anticipate and celebrate this new season. Come. Share. Taste the new wine! Hope for the best! Feel His spirit all over us and among us! Allow and freely offer to God the best of your gifts and the richness of your resources to achieve His divine purposes. He deserves nothing less. Be possessed, be consumed and find your life’s purpose and passion in God’s call for our times. Let us all join hands, share and work together with renewed visions to serve Him above all in this new season of our lives.

My whole family … my wife Jane and our children, Rian Angelo, Keia Joy and Caroline … happily greets all in the IVCF family and we pray that each one may receive a refreshed spirit that brings new hopes, new joys and new inspirations from God in this new season of our lives. May grace and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all and always.

Yours sincerely in Christ and in His service,

Incoming National Director
Email :
Cell : 0920-575-8750

A Worthwhile Journey

Elsie C. Calalang

elsieIt seems like it was only a few months ago when I heard and heeded God’s call to serve as General Secretary (now known as National Director) of IVCF Philippines. It was a bold step of faith, a clear act of obedience. With fear and trembling yet with assurance of God’s equipping and companionship, I faced the challenges of a higher degree of leadership and responsibility. And now my term is about to end and it is clear to me that my time is up. Allow me to share a little of what it has been like to tread this path of leadership.

If I may use the metaphor of a journey, I would say that I have traveled different roads:

  • the road of faith as I learned to trust God for the greater needs of the movement
  • the road of courage as I faced the many challenges and perils of leadership
  • the road to growth as I learned a lot in the process of doing my responsibilities
  • the road to humility as I faced my failures, mistakes, and misgivings
  • the road of pain and agony in moments of loneliness, aloneness and discouragement
  • the road to joy and celebration for miracles, answered prayers and accomplishments
  • the road to interdependence and community as I worked with colleagues and partners in the ministry.

I can go on enumerating the many more roads I have trod but space won’t be enough. It was not an easy journey but it was a worthwhile one because of what I have become along the way. I have not accomplished all that I have planned but I have no regrets at all in accepting the call and the task. God has been faithful and He saw me through. He journeyed with me and I am grateful. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to serve Him in this capacity. And I am truly grateful to all of you for making this journey more worthwhile as you came alongside me, praying for me, encouraging me, and supporting me.

My heart is still gripped by the vision and mission of our movement. IVCF remains a very strategic ministry. With our dedicated Board of Trustees, staff, volunteers and student leaders, I am confident that the Lord will continue to bless the movement and to raise many more faithful disciples and servant-leaders for our country and the church. One of these is no other than our incoming National Director, Engineer Rizaldy Harder, whom I commend to you. I ask that we give him our all-out support as he is about to embark on one of the most worthwhile journeys with and for the Lord.

So let us all continue working together in “changing the world one student at a time.”

For then at the end of such a wonderful and worthwhile journey , we shall have achieved one goal, one hope in our Lord Jesus.

Pahiram Ng Antipara… A Peek Inside A Staffworker’s Backpack

Ni Hadassah Leung

“Oh, my, how fast time flies.” Is it faster than the wind?!

Anim Na Taon Na Nga Ba? Panahong lumipas. Simbilis ng hangin, ng hanging habagat. Oras, araw, linggo, mga taong nagdaan. Animo’y kumakaripas ng takbo. Ano nga ba ang nangyari? At ngayon, paano magpapaalam? May dapat pa bang balikan?

Ano Ang Nakatadhana? Isang pagbabalik-tanaw. Isang pagsilip sa nakalipas. Isang pag-alala sa nakaraan. Pahiram ho ng inyong antipara. At sabay nating silipin ang tinadhana…

Ito ang tinadhana. Seeds were sown, and seeds died in order to grow and inevitably they swelled and multiplied in my backpack each nanosecond of this hard-to-spell-out life. In the final analysis, these two truths remain: God’s overwhelming faithfulness and greatness, and man’s resounding brokenness and weakness!

Backpack. Yes, the backpack of my being was filled to the brim as though I were again being prepared for a long journey into the unfamiliar. Now with the seeds seasoned by time, budding as an opulent love story, and eventually bearing tiny juicy fruits I called quotes, songs, stories, questions, and dreams.

Quotes. If only words could fairly and graciously define life, I could be one of the world’s richest persons. Come, feast with me over a few of my journey’s delights and comforts as articulated by some good friends.

“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust.

As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field; the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.

But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children- with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts.” ~ The Psalmist

“No snail crosses a garden path without leaving a trail to mark its passing; a testament made silver by the light of the sun.” ~ Mike Riddell

“Measure thy life by loss instead of gain;
not by the wine drunk but by the wine poured forth;
for love’s strength standeth in love’s sacrifice,
and whoso suffers hast most to give.” ~ Ugo Bassi

It is a broken earthen jar, which most reveals the jewel within.’ ~ Isobel Kuhn

Songs. My mother influenced me to love music at a very young age. Since then, my soul found its language. A language that is nothing less than lush _expression of gratitude to the ever faithful One.

Can you guess the fave five in my heart’s chart through the years? Here they are: song #5 is Unashamed Love by James Cotterrell, #4 is Casting Crown’s Who Am I?, #3 is Lord In the Fullness Of My Might by Thomas H. Gill, and #2 is Thomas O. Chisholm’s Great is Thy Faithfulness. Be Thou My Vision (an Ancient Irish melody, translated by Eleanor H. Hull, and harmonized by Hughes M. Huffman) is my top choice.

Can I let the songs speak for themselves?

“Be Thou my Vision, O Lord of my heart
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art -
Thou my best thought by day or by night
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.” (sniff, sniff…)

Here’s another hanky-soaking, tear-inducing tune:

“Lord, in the fullness of my might, I would for Thee be strong;
While runneth o’er each dear delight, to Thee should soar my song.
I would not give the world my heart, and then profess Thy love;
I would not feel my strength depart, and then Thy service prove.
I would not with swift-winged zeal, on the world’s errands go:
And labor up the heav’nly hill, with weary feet and slow.
O not for Thee my weak desires, my poorer baser part!
O not for Thee my fading fires, the ashes of my heart.
O choose me in my golden time, in my dear joys have part!
For Thee the glory of my prime, the fullness of my heart.

Stories. These are colorful and quiet moments of inspiration and grace. These came in various forms and packages - witnessing changed lives, stories of mercy and healing, experiences of forgiveness and love! Their colors came in varying shades of joys and pains, life questions and even desperations, but never hopelessness. Having pilgrim companions and co-witnesses of God’s unfailing love is more than what one can ask for and imagine in this lifetime!

Questions. Can there be fear greater than the wrath of God? What makes my heart bleed? Why do we keep on moving? Why the incessant comings and goings? Why do we do what we do? So, who is Michael L. Tan? What makes him think the way he does? What makes him who he is now? I realized it is dangerous and disturbing when people stop asking questions and cease to be shaken. So, what better resolve than to embrace questions and disturbances with enthusiasm!

Dreams. Literally, I am a dreamer. I can clearly remember several dreams each night. Marahil ay dahil sa mahilig kasi akong matulog, hehehe. But some dreams do not need slumber. Here are some of them - my dreams for the movement.

  1. The Financial Stability of the Movement. Just enough resources for people to witness God’s unfailing love and declare His glory, and for the family to continue to put their complete trust and utter dependence on Him alone for everything! Lest we forget who we are and who He is!
  2. For ‘kings’, ‘priests’ and ‘prophets’ to emerge from within the movement.
  3. For students to emerge as relevant witnesses, who are able to live in the here and now both as Filipinos and as world Christians, while looking forward to the there and not yet!

Only He Knows. Wherever I may go from here, whatever I will do next, I will carry these seeds with me. Forever rooted in my heart - sown, died, grew. Continually multiplying. As a messenger and a message, for His honor alone! Salamat sa pagsama. Salamat sa antipara…

Hadassah Leung is a pen name of one of IVCF staff having served for six years with the College Team (two years as Dept Head), she now looks forward to her sabbatical leave. But before she leaves she will direct Kawayan Camp 2006.


Mary Louise L. Tilles

" Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say. ”
Exodus 4:12

louiseWeeks from now, my batchmates and I will be getting our diplomas. I have mixed feelings about graduating from high school. I look forward to college life anticipating its complications and excitements. However, I will miss ISCF.

It was late in my high school life that I became close to this ISCF family. But in the little time I have spent with ISCF, I have learned more than books could teach me. ISCF taught me how to deal with life, with my peers, with my critics, with my family, and with God Himself.

In ISCF, I learned to be faithful, to be strong, to be obedient to God’s commandments and to be patient when things get out of hand. Being the chapter president, I felt I had to be all of these. I was also challenged to go beyond what I thought I could do because I knew God would enable me. He became my strong foundation whenever Satan attacks me.

Being the president made me cry, too. I was scared that I couldn't fulfill my duties as a leader because of the pressure of expectations. But God revealed Himself and made me realize His expectations are more important because after all, we are not doing this for men, but for God (Colossians 3:23).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, especially Kuya Nono, Ate Gerlen, Ate Edra & Sir Roy who believed in us, despite the mistakes we already did, will be doing (and the mistakes we're doing right now). It was a valuable experience being chosen by God to lead and being part of a family that values the souls of young students. To my co-officers, hats off! To the next in line, heed the call.

Mary Louise L. Tilles is the president of the ISCF chapter in Del Pilar Academy, Imus, Cavite.

Musings on my IVCF Experience

By Eric Sabacan

ericA nagging question has been staring me in the face, “What have you done with your life for nine years?” Persistently it asks: “Look at your contemporaries, they have MAs and PhDs, they have gone abroad, they have held strategic positions in the government and private schools, they have received scholarship grants and have become members of prestigious organizations, they have hobnobbed with distinguished people and some have carved names for themselves, they have built homes and established their families; what about you, what have you done with your life?” The question kept me silent for a time and then came my musings:

The Word in Community

I have enjoyed Bible studies with students and fellow staff. In these we always break the Word, gain deep insights and warm impressions from the Spirit. We wrestle with issues that plague the country: poverty, corruption, apathy, restlessness and hopelessness.

Potential Leaders

Our part in nation building is to influence the youth. We journey with them; we feel their pain and sorrow. We help them have stronger resolve in life - to have hope and faith. Mentoring students is a life-long process and the fruits are not always seen overnight but when students exhibit leadership in whatever form, for me that is enough comfort for it means we have achieved our goals. I once journeyed with a student who had a very poor self-image, who came from a poor family. But now he works in a multi-national company enjoying the experience and the perks. I followed three former students who became my colleagues when they joined the IVCF staff. My own sister who rose to leadership in our church was also very involved with IVCF. Some students I followed became good counselors in the LCDCs and Kawayan Camps. These and many others are now carving their own path in their chosen fields. On the other hand, there are those who are still struggling professionally, those who need to make greater progress in their discipleship, and of course, there are those who have wandered far from the Lord. In all these students, I only see the sovereignty of God who is ultimately in control and who will intervene in their lives.


Conferences and camps made me go places not only locally but abroad. I visited Thailand, South Korea, Spain, Indonesia and Singapore. I marveled at God’s handiwork - mountains, caves, seas, lakes, rivers, falls and valleys. At these places I experienced inner peace and God’s affirmation of His love for me. They became places of immense comfort, exhilirating experiences, exciting escapades, endearing encounters with people, enchantment and empowerment, and enormous provisions of God.

Leading by Serving

Being in InterVarsity honed my leadership knowledge and abilities through various expressions of service. I directed Kawayan Camps 2000 and 2001 and led the College Department and the Luzon Region. I also served on the Management Team. In this rather awkward position, I made decisions for people we serve and cared for. In my honest opinion, I sought to make decisions on the basis of the Lordship of Christ and for the sake of His Kingdom. I know some of those decisions did not seem favorable to some but in the long run may have proven worthy. It is a humbling and thrilling journey to trust God, to lead others and to mature in the process. The proverb “as iron sharpens another” proved true in my experience. Receiving constructive criticisms however painful they sometimes were, as well as accepting my personal failures and incapacity to deliver proved helpful for me.

Spiritual Friends

In InterVarsity, I gained true spiritual friends who walk with me and pray with me. They share my joys and pains, my laughter and tears, my excitement and fears. These friends bring more meaning to my life, they lighten up the load, they share blessings, and they walk the extra mile. Some of them I don’t often see because of geographical distance, but whenever we do see each other it is always pleasurable time together. These friendships go beyond just working together - we share deep experiences and spiritual insights. We journey with God together.

My Answer

Recalling all these not only made me nostalgic but made me see the profound meaning and significance of those nine years. It was a rich and essential experience that developed not only my spirituality but my character as well. This then is the answer to that nagging question “What have you done with your life for nine years?” My nine years in InterVarsity have made me a better person, a better disciple of Christ.

These nine years in InterVarsity is a significant juncture in my life. Here God trained me, humbled me, loved and pampered me, encouraged me, corrected and rebuked me, strengthened and prepared me for a lifelong journey of faith and obedience. Like what Moses experienced in the desert and Elijah in the cave, for me it was an experience with the living and personal God. My stint with IVCF is an incredible experience with the Sovereign and Personal God. I praise Him and give Him back all the glory!

Eric joined the College Team in June 1997. He led the College Department from SYs 1999 to 2003. He also served as NCR Field Ministry Coordinator and Management Team member from SYs 2002 to 2006. He is married to Jeanne Toralba with whom he has a 2-year old son, Ethan Josiah.

Be still and know that I am GOD

Jestine Nichole

“Be still and know that I am GOD." (Psalm 40:10a) I felt that this was God’s personal concern for me seeing how I was tiring myself out with worry. This verse is used so much by many people and yet it is awesome how God touches us personally by the very same verse.

Personally, I faced many challenges this semester. There were high walls to climb and some God had to topple down. I guess these all started within me. I put up walls of pride and self-righteousness to protect me from painful circumstances, but I found out that instead they prevented me from leaving my comfort zone to find Jesus. Have you ever experienced traveling very far and yet not getting anywhere at all? I felt just like that - tired, lost, defensive and empty. I longed to find the fullness only Jesus can give me. I missed the times when I could stand firm and be brave amidst the angry torrent of waves not because I have walls built around me but because I knew God was always there to protect me. I badly yearned for the passionate talks I once shared with Jesus, talks that I lost because of busyness and negligence. Then I also lost the passion to control my sinful nature which easily comes up when I lose fellowship with Him.

The Fellowship had its ups and downs as well. The leaders and the members either had so many things to handle or had issues to settle within themselves. During these times I felt hopeless, but I continued to praise God for the people who still remained in the Fellowship and helped by encouraging those who were struggling. They were God's instruments in lightening our burdens and in comforting us with His grace.

Having personal struggles and difficulties in the Fellowship, it was tempting to complain and argue with God. I first thought He had abandoned me, but I realized that it was really I who left Him. I had been hooked to many ungodly things and had been disobeying Him many times. I dwelt on what I wanted to do for Him rather than on what He wanted me to do. My heart aches even now when I realize how much I had forsaken my first love. I felt I was indispensable that I had to work or else everything will fail. It was pathetic. But God really works miracles that I cannot understand and even see. I can say that I still haven't seen the majestic ending God has planned for this, but I know and feel He is indeed working on it. He enabled me to persevere amidst the adverse difficulties and He increased my faith. He held me close even when I was drifting away. He talked to me even when I was too busy. He blessed the fellowship in His great and amazing way that keeps me hoping when all things seem impossible. I am working with a friend and God now to keep myself hooked on to Him, for through all this, God made me realize that ‘when the pressures rise and the noise around confuses some more, I will soar with Him above the storm.’ Indeed, when all else fails, and I am tempted to worry, God reminds me that He is King and He is in control. I will be still and know He is GOD.

Jestine Nichole is President of Torch Christian Fellowship, the IVCF chapter in West Negros College Chapter. She is a 2nd year BS Nursing student .

TREK Experience

Lorah Grace Singson

I first joined the IVCF Trek when I was first year in college. The Trek is a different kind of missions exposure. We were taught “shadowing” as a missions approach. It means we are not there to directly evangelize, but to journey with the people and live how they live, feel how they feel. We introduce Jesus to them by just being a friend, someone who is ready to listen. Before attending the Trek, I felt confused in my Psychology course. The Trek helped me understand people and their culture and it gave me an idea in ways to strategically help them. In addition, because of the hands-on experience of observing and appreciating cultures through the Trek, I can now meaningfully participate in discussions in my major subjects in psychology and sociology. I now have a better picture of the path I am taking through the new lenses the Trek gave me.

"The greatest single cause of atheism in the
world today Is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips
Then walk out the door and deny him by their lifestyle.
That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable." ---D.C. Talk

Lorah Grace Singson
4th year Psychology student
Philippine Christian University


Northern Luzon

Evangelistic and Discipleship Retreat, Feb. 3-4 Twenty four young people from University of Northern Philippines, Ilocos Sur National High School and some out-of-school youth attended an overnight retreat in San Vicente, Ilocus Sur. The retreat with the theme “P.S. I Love You: Learning to Love Prayer and Service.” was conducted by Erickson and Dot Velardo together with Eric Sabacan (NCR Field Ministry Coordinator) in partnership with Precious Christian Mission Church. Eighteen young people accepted our Lord Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Bicol Region

Fundraising Events. Eighty graduates and students gathered for a Macedonian Dinner last Dec 26 at Benjo’s Restaurant, Legazpi to raise funds for the region. Some IVCF’ers also raised P6,000 through caroling. Similarly, IVCF’ers in Naga collected P3,000 after caroling.

Graduate Teams (GT) in Action Ptr. Abe Wang, a KC 95 grad volunteered to help pioneer an IVCF campus chapter at Camarines Sur Science and Agriculture College (CSSAC). Ferdie Maraño started his sabbatical on February 15. GT's and volunteers will work on his behalf in Legazpi, Albay and Sorsogon

Western Visayas Region

Bacolod Sports Fest, Dec 19 Twenty-eight sports enthusiasts trooped to Bacolod Christian Center and played Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Volleyball, Basketball, UNO and Game of the Generals.

Retreat at Camp Humayan, Jan 20-21 The Light and Salt Christian Fellowship (IVCF chapter in University of Saint La Salle-Bacolod) had a meaningful and refreshing retreat at Camp Humayan. The students were also able to meet members of the IVCF Board of Trustees who were visiting at that time.

Central & Eastern Visayas

Gift Giving, Dec 18 Dumaguete graduates and students in partnership with Jesus Loves You Christian Fellowship shared the Gospel, gave Bibles and gifts to the less fortunate families in Brgy. Taclobo, Dumaguete. This is an annual event of the IVCF Dumaguete community.

Missionary Visit, Jan 28-Feb 7 Yvette Romero, IVCF Mission’s Coordinator and Liberty Belandres, OMF Missionary in Thailand, fellowshipped with IVCF members in Cebu and Tacloban and shared topics on Missions and Evangelism.

Evangelistic Dinner Party, Feb 18 IVCF Graduates in Cebu: not only did these graduates treat their seeker friends to a free valentine dinner but they also shared a great message through their speaker, that true love is found in the source Himself who is no other than our God. Some fifty people attended the dinner.

Northern Mindanao

IVCF Day, Iligan City, Nov.15. “Press On!” was the timely message by Engineer. Ephraim Ibarra to the sixteen students and graduates who gathered for the annual celebration. The ministry has been facing commitment challenges recently; the event became an opportune time for the participants to recommit themselves to the ministry.

IVPM-Bukidnon formed. IVCF graduates in Bukidnon convened and formed their own IVPM chapter. The appointed officers are: Mr. Boy Parel ,Chairman; Mrs. Beth Kuison, Vice-Chairman; Mary Ann Tibangan, Secretary; Mrs. Nancy Vilbar, Treasurer, and Mrs. Grace Ayala, Auditor. The newly formed chapter is committed to serve the growing student ministry in Bukidnon.

Southern Mindanao Regional Assembly, Feb. 25-26 “Graduates and Students in a Team-Working Movement” was the theme of the annual regional assembly where Ms. Elsie Calalang, IVCF National Director, gave an exciting challenge as the Biblical expositor.

National Capital Region

tlwTrue Love Waits Workshop, Feb 15-16 ISCF conducted a two-day workshop for all of the senior students in Diliman Preparatory School. Volunteers and staff joined together in urging the young people to commit to sexual purity. Two hundred forty-three students responded to the call.

Narnia Film-showing, Feb 18, Imus, Cavite The ISCF chapters in Imus Institute and Del Pilar Academy in Imus, Cavite, jointly sponsored an evangelistic film showing of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. 180 students heard a Gospel presentation in addition to the film-showing. It was a challenge-heavy gathering.

Jesus Revolution, Jan 27 Even the rain did not stop the worship celebration of over two hundred college students who gathered at Philippine Normal University. It became a heart-rending event as students accepted and released forgiveness to those who wronged them. Worship and praise and genuine reconnections flowed among the participants.

Graduating Students’ Retreat, Feb 11 Six graduating students learned valuable insights into the great importance of God’s calling over and above a high paying job or a career path focused only on professional achievements. IVPM Makati graduates shared their practical knowledge and experiences in the corporate world.



Please pray for:

The IVCF staff. Pray for wisdom and creativity in their camp preparations. Pray for the extra strength as they make these preparations while wrapping up campus work for the school year. Pray for the unity of heart, mind and purpose as they run the camps.

The volunteer staff and counselors. Praise God for the many student and graduate volunteers who have made themselves available to serve with us. Pray for the students seeking permission from their parents and for the graduates as they file for leaves from their work. Pray also that God will prepare them to serve well at our camps.

The expositors, speakers and resource persons. Pray that they will present God’s truth faithfully, relevantly and creatively. Pray that the Holy Spirit use their teaching to convict the minds and move the hearts of participants.

The student and graduate participants. Pray that even now God will prepare their hearts and minds to encounter Him in the camps they will be attending. Pray for teachableness, openness and a sense of expectancy in each of them. Pray for parental permission for the students. Pray that the graduates be granted leaves by their employers. Pray for the way God will enable them to raise the funds they will need. Pray also for traveling mercies.

Material and financial resources needed. Pray for the people who will give willingly and sacrificially for the subsidies. Pray also for people who will give in kind to these camps.
May God be our wisdom, strength, inspiration, courage and hope in these camps and conferences. We look to Him as the source, the center and the goal. May all these endeavors equip the Body and bring glory to Him who is the Head, Jesus Christ our Lord.

ISCF Evangelistic Camps by Regions

These camps are designed to help high school students understand their need of a Savior and introduce them to the treasures and joys of communing with God through prayer, Bible study and fellowship.

NCR ISCF Sibol Camp
“Get Real”
April 18-22, 2006
Philippine Missionary Institute
Silang, Cavite
Director: Nika Perez
Target: 40 pax

Central and Eastern Visayas ISCF Camp
“Uncommon Grace”
May 23-28, 2006
Camp Karis, Ubay, Bohol
Director: Antonio Viz Silva
Target: 60 pax

ISCF Leadership-Discipleship Camps

These camps are intended for high school students who are growing disciples and future leaders in the campus. Here, we aim to build a solid foundation on discipleship, train students to become servant leaders and equip them for service.

NCR ISCF Leadership-Discipleship Camp
“No Compromise”
May 7-13, 2006
Community Resource Center,
Naic, Cavite
Director: Nono Orozco
Target: 70 pax

Northern Luzon

ISCF Creativity Camp
3rd week of May
Director: Roselle Rosario
Target: 20 pax

Northern and Southern Mindanao ISCF Camp
“The Lion, the Pit and the White Robe”
May 8-12,2006
Camp Alano, Toril
Davao City
Director: Cherryl Combatir
Target: 70 pax
Subsidy: Php 30,000

National Camps and Conferences

KAWAYAN Camp 2006
“The Crucible:
Emerging True to the Call”
April 10 - May 5, 2006
Camp Humayan,
Bago, Negros Occidental
Director: Cheery Orozco
Target: 60 pax
Subsidy: Php 115,000

This is a month-long intensive training for Christian students who desire to be effective witnesses of the Lord Jesus in their campuses and churches. KC’s total camp program seeks to relate the Lordship of Jesus to every phase of life: work, study, recreation and personal relationships.

Inter Varsity Professional Movement (IVPM) /Graduate Team (GT) National Congress
“Celebrating Life’s Journey”
May 23-27, 2006
Camp Alano, Toril, Davao City
Director: Jordan Reyes
Target: 100 pax
GT & staff subsidy: Php 70,000

This is a gathering of professionals from different regions and spheres of work. This year’s GT conference invites graduates to pause from their hectic schedules to consider God’s design for their lives and how it can be lived abundantly. The expositor, Kuya Herman Moldez will tackle passages from the book of Ecclesiastes.

Nurses Christian Fellowship National Conference
"Nursing Towards Global Transformation: By Whose Standards?"
April 20-23, 2006
Garden Plaza, Paco, Manila
Director: Phebe Pendon
Target: 80 pax

This is the first national conference for Nursing students and professionals for the purpose of defining global transformation the Christian Way, demonstrating application of spiritual implications to different nursing fields and fostering wholesome relationships among members. It also aims to share the uniqueness of NCF Philippines through its vision, mission and core values.

Operation Samaria
May 21-June 2, 2006
Dingalan, Aurora Province
Target: 40 pax
OS ensures our students to put some flesh to their faith through immersion. Students and graduates of nursing and other medical courses will venture in a two-week trek to Aurora Province to share God’s love and care through medical service and community work.

Missions Trips and Exposure

Summer Trek ‘06
“My Place in His Heart for the World…
...Am I ready?”
April 10-15, 2006
Cost: Php 2,000
Subsidy: Php 11,600

College students are taught to reflect on the circumstances of marginalized people in light of the Kingdom, live with and learn from a tribal community in Mindoro and seek to bear witness to God’s transforming love through service. This mission exposure is done in partnership with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF).

Reach Out Team (ROT’06)
Short-Term Mission Exposure Trip
“Into all the World…Will I GO?”
May 6 - May 31, 2006
Betong, Yala, Phangnga, South Thailand
Teamleader: Yvette Romero
Target: 5 pax from Phils.
Cost: $550 (includes airfare)

This is an opportunity for the young graduates to venture into a cross cultural mission trip. The team plans to execute an on-campus outreach ministry, run an English Camp with the Church (Betong, Sungai Golok) and participate in the Post-Tsunami Rebuilding through Grace Supplies (OMF) in Phangnga.

For more information please contact the Missions Coordinator: Ms. Yvette L. C. Romero mobile# +63920-5503280 tel# (02) 931-7794 (ivcf staff house);IVCF-Ph 912-5988 (ivcf office)


Ms. Mutya Febre rejoined the HRD Department after her sabbatical leave.

Ferdie Marano went on a sabbatical leave last February and will be back after six months.


Fundraising Concert for Kawayan Camp ‘06
March 24, 2006, 7pm
Faith Baptist Church
#8 Bulletin St. West Avenue, QC

Join the IVCF Philippian Connection!
Invest by giving regularly towards your staffworker’s financial support.
For more information, please contact our Resource Development Coordinator, Dennis Merano: 0917-4224133 (mobile), (02) 931-7794 (ofc).

Placing Literature in the hands of the students
IVCF Literature House is proud to announce our new revised titles

  • A Manual for Cell Groups
  • Start Right
  • Spiritual Care
  • How To Lead Bible Study
  • IVCF Stories of a Dream Fulfilled

This summer watch out for:

  • ISCF Counselors’ Handbook


Sending Campus Impact thru email helps us save on postage cost. But if you prefer to receive them via Postal Mail, please let us know by sending an email to Suggestions and comments are also welcome!

Letter from:  Kuya Rolly,
Please find the attached email of Ptr. Billy Reyes for the remaining needs of Humayan Camp. He requested me to send it to you after a brief look at the needs and asked me if there is something I can think of na idadagdag. I added the whiteboards.

God bless.
Gary Celis

Camp Humayan
February 20, 2006

Addressed To:  Rolly Malincon
Balikatan, USA

Dear Rolly,

Greetings in the Lord from Humayan. Rizaldy Harder advised me on Feb. 16 to email you of "other needs at Humayan for KC '06." On Saturday evening, February 18, 2006, the Humayan staff had an evaluation and determined the following needs:

Item of Needs:                                             Estimated Cost (Php)
Finishing work in the Mess Hall
to prevent the flies to come in & some bamboo works      Php. $12,000
floor finish with almagre powder                               10,000
Tables & Benches                                               14,000

Connecting the windmill with the men's toilet & bath           25,000
& the women's outdoor shower
Finishing the last Ifugao type cottage                         22,000
Electrical transformer & wires                                 50,000
Upgrading the water tank to 2500lit                            35,000
Kitchen doors & housing for oven                               13,000
Finishing work in the Session Hall                              8,000
Remaining Sewer work                                           15,000
Bed Foams (60pcs)                                              36,000
Kitchen needs: cabinetry, utensils, plates                     40,000
Sports equipments                                               8,000
Varnishing of all structures                                   25,000
Whiteboard      2 standard sizes for lecture                    7,200
                        10 small ones for Small Group          12,000
Total                                                       $ 332,200
Less Cash on Hand                                              57,000
Total NeedPhp                                               $ 275,200 = $5,500
During this Phase I of the Camp Humayan project the floor finishing and windmill connection may be done away with.

Thank you for your partnership in the development of Camp Humayan.

Sincerely yours,
Billy Reyes
Humayan Ministry

27 February 2006

Dear Mga Kabalikat ng IVCF Philippines,

As a graduate of Kawayan Camp (1976 in Balayan Bay, Batangas, in particular), I would like to appeal to all Kawayan Camp Graduates, IVCF alumni and our generous friends to help me respond to the above e-mail of Gary Celis, Pastor Billy Reyes
and to our incoming National Director, Rizaldy Harder.

In behalf of Bethel Skinker, our hardworking chairperson of the Balikatan Special Project Committee, please e-mail me back as to the amount you would like to donate. I am giving myself a deadline for our response and that would be March 31, 2006 for the wiring of remittance. All the amount that will be received will be remitted to IVCF as they are received prior to March 31. Balikatan will pay for the remittance fees. And we will keep you posted as to how much we received. Please make your check payable to Balikatan ng mga Kristiyano, Inc. and mail to Monina B. Davids, 731 Quebec PL NW, Washington, DC 20010.

I would like to encourage you also to give to the subsidies needed for Kawayan Camp and other IVCF Camps and Conferences. Bethel will be keeping in touch with you about these.

Salamat ng marami sa inyo mga kapatid at kaibigan sa Balikatan at IVCF-Philippines. Ang inyong mga panalangin, pagdalaw sa akin, mga e-mails ay tunay na naging kalakasan ko sa nakaraang anim na buwan. God has sustained me and renewed my mind daily.

Yours in Christ,

Rolly Malincon
  Balikatan Ng Mga Kristiyano, Inc.

Balikatan brings you a message from the IVCF General Secretary in the Philippine

Message from the incoming ND…. J. Rizald Harder

 A new season to serve Him above all  02 February 2006.  To all in the IVCF family and my fellow members in the BOT: 
Greetings in Christ and may His peace be with you all.

“To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under heaven.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1

  It has been seven days since Mon Rocha III, our IVCF-BOT chair, made the announcement regarding the new National Director for the movement. That finally disclosed not just the choice of a person for the task at hand but more importantly the forthcoming transition in the movement, ushering in a new season of change towards growth and fruitfulness. For days now, I have been receiving encouraging messages from the IVCF family. A lot were definitely surprised of the choice that was decided upon by the BOT, but one thing is clear to all and for me and my family: It is God who made the call and the mandate has been achieved for the task, and that is what I will understand this call to be and that is where I will proceed from hereon as the incoming ND of IVCF-Philippines.

I have had enough space and time to linger in the thought of “is this really happening?” and now I have ceased questioning and will not question it again. I accept the call, will stand by this mandate and commit that for this task “whatsoever my hand findeth itself to do”, then that I will do “with all my might”. For this challenge I will continue to trust Him fully for every strength and wisdom to achieve the task at hand. I am, by natural faculties and my present realities will have to face this task with many adjustments to make. For me it is enough at this time that His will has been revealed clearly and I too will wait for His equipping to surely follow. I will need your constant prayers to keep me strong and intensely focused in this mission amidst the challenges and pressures that lies ahead. I understand the present state of our movement and I fear not for it but I have complete faith, like many of you, that all will be well as God directs us and as He has proven constantly in the past as in the present.

I acknowledge that I have never seen God’s direction so closely at work in my life than in this call. Since God caught my attention to pray for it He comes constantly close for comfort in my daily meditations to reveal His directions and his words gently dealt with every issue and questions I and my wife Jane  raised from day to day. Not that it is specific for me to become the next ND of the movement, but more so to just open myself to respond in a clear and quick obedience to His call for whatever is His new assignment for me. In prayer, it finally dawned on me  and my wife that this is no longer a consideration on the scale of simply having to choose or not another career option at hand, but something much bigger than what I can perceive it to be. For me it has finally become a singular issue of obedience to God… and through His grace, I finally have the peace and the joy to obey Him.  Thus, I accept the task with calmness and full assurance of God’s enabling grace.<>I thank our BOT for their patient and prayerful seeking of God’s will and direction for this decision. That they made the decision as an obedient exercise of their God-given mandate is part of the process of finding God’s direction for the movement. I wish to sincerely thank all in the BOT for sharing themselves fully in this ministry. I look forward to working with you all more closely, more intensely and most prayerfully in this new role. I pray that may God guide each of you as you continue to do your share in His work. I also enjoin the whole IVCF family to pray for our BOT’s continued obedience to God and of His guidance for each of them as they steer the movement to a new direction : for Ramon, Kuya Del, Phebe, Menchie, Kuya Ray, Boy, Boyet and Wally. <>To all in the IVCF family: from our trustees, our elders, our dedicated staff workers, grad team members, our former staff and Gen-Secs, our graduates from all walks of life in various workplaces all over the world, our faithful Balikatan family and ministry partners, and finally to each of our dear students for which this movement draws its inspiration and purposes for being, I now call on you all to allow God to bring back the spirit of faithfulness, zeal, excitement and joy of working TOGETHER as one family in this ministry of IVCF. Let us remember and put Christ, “our first love”, at the center and above it all. 

I also enjoin each one to really thirst and to seek God in obedience for whatever is your definite and specific God-directed role in this season of change for this movement. Find your place and space in this ministry. Then let me hear, pray, share and work with you about it. God
and this movement deserved the very best from all of us.

The season of change has again come for all of us in this movement. Let us receive it with gladness of heart and thanksgiving. Be part of this active, exciting and life-changing journey. Anticipate and celebrate this new season. Come. Share. Taste the new wine! Hope for the best! Feel His spirit all over us and among us!  Allow and freely offer to God the best of your gifts and the richness of your resources to achieve His divine purposes. He deserved nothing less. Be possessed, be consumed and find your life’s purpose and passion in God’s call for our times. Let us all join hands, share and work together with renewed visions to serve Him above all in this new season of our lives.

My whole family: my wife Jane and our children, Rian Angelo, Keia Joy and Caroline happily greets all in the IVCF family and we pray that each one may receive a refreshed spirit that brings new hopes, new joys and new inspirations from God in this new season of our lives. May grace and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all and always.

Yours sincerely in Christ and in His service


Incoming National Director


Email :

Cell    :  0920-575-8750



Ramon Rocha - Chairman

Chief Executive Officer -OMF Literature


Rizaldy Harder - Vice Chairman

President/Manager Link-up Technologies Inc.

Consultant on Budgetary &

Carmencita Aragon - Secretary

President, Asian Business Solutions, Inc.

Exe VP, Quezonian Educational College

Wali Del Mundo - Treasurer

Assoc. Professor of Electrical & Electronics Eng Dept., UP Diliman

Head,UP Solar Laboratory & Program Coordinator,Energy Prog.

Boyet Ongkiko - Member

General Secretary,Alliance of Christian ,Development Agencies(ACDA)

Phebe Pendon - Member

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, US Department of Veterans Affairs

Raymundo"Ray" Poral - Member-Mindanao

Manager,Poral Orchard Farm

Delano Sta. Ana - Member

27th Floor Renaissance Condo, Meralco Ave.Ortigas

Boy Cabugao - Member

Social Welfare Officer II, Regional Trial Court,San Carlos City


Elsie C. Calalang
General  Secretary
IVCF Philippines

Tel. (632) 931-7794/ TeleFax: (632) 932-1339

Office     :
Personal :

  22th Annual Balikatan 2005 Conference
Subject:       IV Update
Date:          Thu, 26 Sep 2002 
From:         "Elsie Calalang" <>
Organization:       IVCF Philippines
To:           Balikatan Friends

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings!
The first quarter of this school year is over.  Praise the Lord with us for the work He has done among our students and graduates.  Let me share with you some of the significant developments and join us in thanking the Lord.

At present there are 48 high schools with ISCF chapters, 86 college chapters, 11 NCF chapters, 28 GCF, and 11 alumni groups around the country.  There are about 60 evangelistic Bible study (EBS) or discussion groups (DGs) existing with a total of 553 students attending.  A total number of 254 individuals expressed acceptance of Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  The cell group (CG) continues to be a very effective strategy in our discipleship. Praise God for the 235 CGs among students and professionals with a total of about 935 members/attendees.

 There is a significant growth in the participation of our constituents in supporting the work in the regions.  In Bohol, for instance, our students and graduates pledged to give monthly for the support of Celgen Aurestila, the new associate staff based there.  Ramon Tecson, our Regional Coordinator in the Central and Eastern Visayas, shares, “It is heartwarming to see that in spite of the economically depressed situation in Bohol, they are now starting to donate monthly for the needs of the ministry in the area.  Some can only give as little as P10 or P50 per month and yet they have very big hearts for God.”  Similarly, the graduates in Pangasinan have pledged to give towards the support of Roselle Rosario, the new associate staff based in Dagupan.  The graduates in Southern Mindanao have faithfully given financial support to our staff based in that region.

Our graduates in Cagayan de Oro City pool their resources to be able to pay the monthly rental of a space which they now use as a student center. They appointed one of our gradutes there to serve as staff of the student center and they also give her monthly allowance.  Just recently the graduates in Butuan City have decided to rent an apartment which will serve as IV-Home and  student center. It is located just in front of Agusan National High School.

Some alumni groups (IVCF grads of a college or university) like UP Los Baños, UP Diliman, and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, have adopted a staff (meaning, they give financial,  moral and prayer support) and have been supporting the student chapters in their alma maters.   The alumni from Mapua Institute of technology met last Sept. 21 to revive their group and to  support  the student chapter. This is very encouraging.

Tomorrow I will leave for Baguio to join the First Regional Assembly in Northern Luzon. I believe this will be a breakthrough towards full regionalization of the area. Students and graduates from Ilocos, Pangasinan, and Baguio will gather together for this event. 

 Right now our staff, volunteers, and student leaders are planning and preparing for the October camps. There will be 7 simultaneous Leadership-Discipleship Camps during the semestral break to be held in the different regions. To prepare ourselves for these and to intercede for these camps, our staff will have a two-day prayer retreat on Oct. 1-2.

I covet your prayers and support for the needs of the October camps. The year end is again fast approaching so please pray also for the 13th month bonus of our staff which is about P372,400 (US$7, 448) . 

In our Bible study during our last staff meeting, we were reminded of the truth that we belong to the Kingdom of God, which is indestructible and unshakeable. We are very privileged to belong to this kingdom and to be instruments of God in building it here and now. We were affirmed in what we are doing. Though sometimes we do not easily see the fruit of our work, we know that what we do is significant. This brings us hope and joy even as we face many challenges in the ministry. You have an important role in this ministry as our supporter. Without you, your prayers, and your financial support, we will not be able to accomplish what God has
called us to do.

 Thank you so much for your partnership. The Lord richly bless you!

 In His service,

Equipping Servant-Leaders for Christ in the 21st Century
Elsie C. Calalang
General  Secretary
IVCF Philippines

Tel. (632) 931-7794/ TeleFax: (632) 932-1339

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Personal :

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