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Camp Humayan 

By J. Rizaldy Harder, Member , IVCF Board

The most exciting thing that comes in the life of the ministry is through God’s initiative, not ours – His favors, not our labors. Not because man planned it but because God designed it to be.

Dream come True

Recently, in a span of just three (3) months, starting in April 30, 2005 to July 30, 2005, God has opened for IVCF-Philippines a new door to make that dream of having a campsite of its own a reality. Today, IVCF-Philippines has a new campsite located in Western Visayas and this is prayed for to be the new – and permanent - home of IVCF’s annual Kawayan Camp, hopefully to start in summer of 2006.  

How did these things came to be? God’s initiative started in 2001, when couples Pastor Billy Reyes (KC’75) and Janice Leong-Reyes (KC’76) were given a seven (7) hectare (about 16 acres) agricultural land as part of their family inheritance located just 18 kilometers away from Bacolod City, at Purok Masinadyahon, Bgy. Busay, Bago City, Negros Occidental. It was not far from the first Murcia Campsite of IVCF where the first Kawayan Camp was held starting in 1958.

A portion of 1.1 hectare of this land was hilly with many trees and the rest are irrigated riceland. The first thing that God impressed to Pastor Billy was that the land should be “healed and restored” to its fruitfulness. They decided to pursue organic farming and converted other areas to vegetable farming. They harvested rice twice, instead of three croppings per year. Soon after, the land was a picture of balanced abundance. Later, the Department of Agriculture decided to make it as an integrated model agricultural farm and committed to assist in the farm work and build a fishpond in the area.

Billy and Janice Share a dream with IVCF

With the land restrored now to productivity, God further impressed to Pastor Billy to make the 1.1 hectare portion of the land as a venue of ministry to pastors, church workers and the youth. On the latter, God impressed to the couple that the place can be IVCF’s campsite to disciple students and serve as IVCF graduates retreat and resting place. The couple was concerned of the rising cost for students to attend camps and thought their place is suited to help lower that camp fees. They nurtured that burden in prayer.

The IVCF ministry in Western Visayas soon learned of this burden and the couple was eventually challenged to formally write the IVCF-Board of Trustees of their desire to offer part of their land for use of IVCF Philippines. Pastor Billy wrote a letter to IVCF in April 30, 2005 stating this offer and soon IVCF-BOT responded by directing the Regional Advisory Council of WVRU to make its evaluation, conduct site visitation and recommendations.

Camp Humayan is Born

The WV-RAC then met with the Reyes couple in May, and unanimously recommended that IVCF-BOT accept the offer to be the grantee of the land under  agreement where IVCF can use the property for free for the next 50 years. In July 2, 2005, the IVCF-BOT, chaired by Dionne Ang, unanimously approved the offer and the formal signing of the usufruct agreement was done last July 29, 2005 at Bacolod City with IVCF National Director, Elsie Calalang, representing the IVCF movement and Mrs. Kimnoy C. Leong signed in behalf of the Reyes-Leong family.


On that same day, July 29, 2005, in the presence of many IVCF graduates and students, the campsite was dedicated in the service of the Lord. The place, now called as Camp Humayan, meaning ricefields in local dialect, is an abode rich in nature’s beauty, bounty and bliss. It is a beautiful place of renewal, nurture and rest. It is, as one graduate describes as, “a place where you can hear God”.

Pastor Billy was later invited in a meeting of the IVCF-BOT last August 13, 2005 and he assured their commitment of partnership saying that, “ we offer you not only the use and fruits of its land, but also ourselves”. When asked how long can IVCF use the property he answered, “…for 50 years, or until our Lord comes again.”

Camp Humanyan New Partners

Soon after, God’s initiative took a new turn again such that when the vision of building this campsite was shared to another couple who are also deeply supportive of the IVCF ministry, God’s hand touched them to provide the initial funds needed to start the construction of several cottages, a dining, kitchen and lecture hall at this Camp Humayan. Today, works in that camp has started. The IVCF dream of a campsite is now rising up to become a beautiful reality.

A Challenge to You

The Camp Humayan Management Team is presently chaired by BOT Vice Chair Rizaldy Harder and any comments, expressions of support or suggestions can be sent to or at mobile no. 09195758750.

 Reprint with permission from IVCF-Phiippines Website

By; J. Rizaldy Harder, Member, IVCF Board

Annual Balikatan 2006 Conference
Subject:       Balikatan --THINGS ARE HAPPENING
(November 2002 IVCF Ministry Update)
TO:  IVCF Balikatan member in North America 

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for us. We are back from the different Leadership and Discipleship Camps held in seven regions around the country. We are physically tired but our hearts are renewed, strengthened, and inspired. We are full of thanksgiving and praises to our God who once again amazingly demonstrated His great love and power in our midst. There were a total of 285 campers, 111 student leaders who served as camp staff and counselors, 26 graduates who helped and 31 staff who served as the main teaching force and who coached the student leaders. I gladly share to you some stories and I invite you to rejoice with us.

J has scars on her left and right wrists. Her counselor noticed them and she knew J was suicidal. She (the counselor) had been there before. It was no accident that J was in her small group. Like her counselor, J found joy in the Lord and in the acceptance from her small group. The counselor asks for prayer for enabling to continue ministering to J even after the camp.

M, a freshman girl, and B, a fourth year boy, were both wayward. M smoke and drank alcohol. B was a drug addict. They have been attending the fellowship in their campus. The Lord has started to transform them. Then they joined the camp. They were among those with the most tears during the sessions. We believe the Holy Spirit was convicting them.

W, a camper from Pangasinan had finally understood that accepting Christ as personal Lord and Savior must be done only once. W has “accepted Jesus” many times in the past, every time she felt guilty of her sins and in almost every Christian activity she attended. She never had an assurance of her salvation. During the camp, she was helped to understand how one becomes a true child of God. For one last time she prayed an acceptance prayer and now she is very sure of her status as a child of God.

Let us hear some of these campers testify of what God has done in their lives.

“Camp is not just about lectures. It is also about friendship. Thank you that through this camp, you made me realize what true friendship is all about. What my gut is telling me to do now is that when I go back home, I need to resolve and restore the broken relationships I have – with my parents and my friends. I don’t know how it will happen but I believe in Him who knows. The expositions really gave me a lot to think about what I really want to do with my life. Should I pursue a career or go to missions? I really wanted to have a good and comfortable life, but then I would be serving myself and not the God I love. If I go to the mission field, life is hard and difficult. It’s hard to choose. All I know is that I love God so much.”  E.U. from Bacolod

“I learned a lot of things in this camp. First, I learned to wake up early in the morning, which I do not usually do at home. Secondly, serving my fellow campers wholeheartedly, washing a lot of dishes as well. Most of all, I learned how to be patient in all my responsibilities as a camper. In our house I easily break the rules, but not in this camp because I know this is a training and this training is for the Lord.” M from Southern Mindanao

“I have come shattered and broken. I was bleeding and hurting. Constant reminders of failures and frustrations trample every thing good within my inner sanctum. I am a captive of a horrible past, I am a prisoner of impending memories. But LCDC ushered me to see myself in the light of the cross. My forlorn entity, Christ enveloped with grace--grace so amazing; grace that prompted me to fall on my knees, shaking. Never can I say I deserve such love, but nevertheless my soul understood and let go. Christ held me nearer and healed my bruises. The Cross tells of a victory won. The Cross is a symbol of victory over filthiness and shame. Thank you Lord for your stubborn and radical love for me. “
F. A. from UP-Visayas

God works not only in the lives of our students but even among us staffworkers. Now hear some of the staff share:

“As a staff, camp time is always filling time. Seeing students give their heart out, making wise and unwise decisions, learning patience as they rub elbows and cram, seeing them loving work and exercising grace, hearing their deep sigh of resignation and surrender (when they were faced with seemingly impossible task), overhearing their discussions or arguments, and watching their tired and yet contented faces—all these and more leave me satiated. Of course I was tired, I got angry, I hid from people, withdrew at times, but lovingly God opened my eyes to the beauty He is patiently doing in each of them. And this is enough to again give me strength and grace to say, Lord, this is indeed your doing, thank you for allowing me to be part of this exciting task of building and changing lives.” Mutya Febre, Western Visayas Regional Coordinator

“ The student leaders led the Bible study workshops, prepared the small group program, made the quiet time guides, conceptualized the missions meals, missions night and banquet night, as well as the acquaintance, orientation, testimony time and final challenge. Even the camp menu was prepared by a student leader. When confronted with the water problem, they also prayed and decided well. It was truly an honest-to-goodness student-led camp.”  Ramon Tecson, Central Eastern Visayas Regional Coordinator

“I realized that I am called to continue serving the Lord Almighty among the students. Even while studying for my, and I have these opportunities to be with students and such fulfillment can never be described when I counsel them, challenge them, joke with them, and journey with them. I don’t need a master’s degree to do these things. My heart is enough and the love that the Lord has put in there.” Gary Celis, HRD Coordinator 

These are but some of the many stories from our students and staff. Things are happening in the student world. Let us give glory to our God! Your prayers and support are bearing fruits. So please carry on and be encouraged to know that you are a significant part of this ministry.

I will be in Mindanao from November 13-18. Remember me in your prayers as I encourage our brethren in the CARAGA area. This is a pioneering region and we do not have any staff assigned here. Two of our key graduates here lost their wives in less than a year. Our young GT, who remained faithful despite difficulties, recently lost her job. She is the only one now who is able to visit campuses and she manages the IV Home, which they started to rent only last month.

From Caraga I will proceed to Cagayan de Oro to join our graduates in the first ever  IVCF Mindanao Graduates Congress. They are expecting around 100 graduates from all over Mindanao. Please pray for Dr. David Lim who will be the expositor and for Mr. Dionne Ang (BOTChairman) and myself as we give ministry updates and plans for the Golden Anniversary Celebration in 2003.

Join us in a time of thanksgiving and celebration as we celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness to IVCF for the past 49 years. There will be a time of prayer from 6-8 in the morning at the IVCF building and then a thanksgiving lunch at Jade Valley Restaurant, 39 Scout Torillo  corner Timog Avenue in Quezon City.

Thank you for your partnership with us.

General Secretary 
IVCF Philippines

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  Annual Balikatan 2006 Conference

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