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The Balikatan is a United States organized non-profit organization of members with the same concern and love for Jesus Christ as the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the Philippines.

02 April 2006
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I, teresita askowitz, am requesting you to pray with me now, for my daughter, Nenen.  She is right now in ICU at University  Community Hospital here in Tampa in comatous condition and in respirator, unresponsive since Thursday night. She has multiple sclerosis and on Avonex that impares her immune system, and she now contracted encephalitis. She still has brain activity showing in EEG monitor.

  iknow that I by my own merit will NEVER be worthy of any attention from our HOLY AND MIGHTY LORD, but i as HIS child am ENTITLED to some of HIS MERCY AND GRACE. AND that is what I am asking for you NOW to join me in prayer to ask our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for some of HIS grace and mercy to HEAL MY DAUGHTER NOW, COMPLETELY, SO THAT SHE MAY HAVE A CHANCE FOR A NORMAL LIFE.


GREAT IS THE LIVING GOD WE WORSHIP, SO I know I am asking for possible thing.

Teresita Magadia Askowitz

01 April 2006
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Dear Balikatan members and friends,

Hello and God’s blessings to all of you!  On my way to work one day, I heard Dr. David Jeremiah of the Turning Point radio program share the
following verse from 1 Sam 12:24 with emphasis on the bolded text: “Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what
great things He has done for you”.

Thank you for praying for our Jan-Feb prayer requests:
1.      For the Balikatan Board meeting - All board members except me made it to the meeting.  My connecting flight to Newark was cancelled at
the last minute so I did not make it there.
2.      For the IV Tulungan Sa Tidewater group in the Norfolk-Chesapeake-Virginia Beach area - During the January meeting, the group agreed to take up a collection at the next meeting for the Camp Humayan project towards the purchase of kitchen utensils and tableware.  Praise the Lord for the generous giving of the members last February!  The group donated $642 towards the Camp Humayan Project and $295 for the Leyte Mud Slide victims.

Please pray for the following requests for this last quarter of the
Balikatan fiscal year:
1.      Continue to pray for the IV CARES in Chicago as they prepare for Balikatan 2006 conference.   Pray for traveling mercies for those who plan to attend the conference.
2.      Pray that current Balikatan members will renew their membership and that others will formally join Balikatan.
3.      Pray for the coming election at the Balikatan 2006 conference.  Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the persons that He wants to serve as officers of the group.  Praise that some outgoing members are willing to be nominated again to the Balikatan board.
4.      Pray for a smooth transition in IVCF Philippines leadership as Elsie Calalang’s term as National Director ends and as Zaldy Harder assumes that office in June of this year.
5.      Pray for the needs of the IVCF Philippines staff members who faithfully perform their duties in spite of delayed salaries.
6.      Pray for the needs of the IVCF Philippines alumni who are currently serving in their own mission fields.  Among them are:
             a.       Ces Valdez and Liberty Belandres in Thailand
             b.      Lisa Chinn with her husband Leiton in IVCF-USA in Wisconsin
             c.       Josie Sinclair with her husband Kerry in Oregon
             d.      Remy Millare with her husband Ed in Washington as she publishes the Christian Link-Up magazine

Thank you for taking advantage of the Balikatan yahoo group to share your blessings and prayer concerns enabling others to pray and share your
burdens.  I encourage each local group to share with us how God is using your group to be a blessing to others so that we may be encouraged to be
a blessing, too.

Thank you for your prayerful support.

In Christ,

Fe Echipare
Balikatan Board Member
Prayer Committee

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” – Hebrews 4:16
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05 June 2004

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