Cami's metal art.  American Metal Artist Robert Cantelmi is "Cami".  Well known thought out the United States as a tree sculpture, he is the only artist who does this unique tree art. 
In your home or even your backyard. Cami delivers fine metal art, creatively presented with relentless attention to detail and personal service.  All to ensure that your personal Cami Tree is a "one and only" in the world.  Each tree is hand made providing you with a personal, professional touch that will assure you of your own personal creation. Our range of services is only limited by your imagination.  Again, thank you for your interest in our services.
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        How to order is a good question.  This is not a commerical business.  There is nothing being massed produced and there is no mail order system.  Most of my trees and creations are not priced.  Each piece I create is hand and orginially made.  No two are the same.  I do mark each so I know what I made.

        People tell me their thoughts and what they like and then I try to create something for them.  I never know the cost until I finish.  So, Let me tell you how I compute the cost . 

Computing the Cost:

        For me, it is very simple.  It is the cost of the material plus the time I am working.  In this way, when I finish, I can critically look at the work and see it as compared to my other works.  So, I am probably not a real business person; but, I know what I love doing and I am happy doing what I love doing.

        So, result is I make a creation and it could be plus or minius 20% of the estimate.  If you are not completely happy, you are not obligated to buy it.  It is just that simple.     

Are you still Interested?

If you are still interested in my work, you can call me and we can talk about your likes and thoughts.  If we agree, I will try to give you a general cost based on what I am thinking at the time.  Then, I will create something for you and tell you the cost when I finish.  If you like it you can have it.  If not, that is OK also.  

    You may call me at my home - Phone: 321-639-1358 or E-Mail

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