Cami's metal art.  American Metal Artist Robert Cantelmi is "Cami".  Well known thought out the United States as a tree sculpture, he is the only artist who does this unique tree art. 
Cami delivers fine metal art, creatively presented with relentless attention to detail and personal service.  All to ensure that your personal Cami Tree is a "one and only" in the world.  Each tree is hand made providing you with a personal, professional touch that will assure you of your own personal creation. Our range of services is only limited by your imagination.  Again, thank you for your interest in our services.

Welcome to our picture pages.  My wife Georgia and I would like to invite you to view our site and see some of the metal trees that seem to be attracting so much attention.  Although we are not a big time company and our Web skills our very minor, we will endeavor to give you some insight into our world and the world of metal art. 

                       Cami and Georgia

The Tree you see to the Right is a large tree and it requires a major central spot on a large wall.  The tree is about 7 feet wide and almost 6 feet high.  I my mind I see this tree standing by itself on a vast plain alone, massive, strong, surviving, being itself - it is life.  It gives life protection and food to those that visit it.
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