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Cami's metal art.  American Metal Artist Robert Cantelmi is "Cami".  Well known thought out the United States as a tree sculpture, he is the only artist who does this unique tree art. 
Cami delivers fine metal art, creatively presented with relentless attention to detail and personal service.  All to ensure that your personal Cami Tree is a "one and only" in the world.  Each tree is hand made providing you with a personal, professional touch that will assure you of your own personal creation. Our range of services is only limited by your imagination.  Again, thank you for your interest in our services.
The tree to the Left is a tall and thin.  It is a gentle tree.  It is a friend.  You could go up to it and stand beside it.  Notice the gentle limbs growing up to the sun along with other gentle limbs.  You can envision the leaves coming soon.  The buds on the gentle limbs are ready to blossom into life.
The Tree to the left is a clipping to me.  When you prune a tree you actually cut off life to order to make the tree stronger, thicker, more beautiful.  But, after the pruning to look to the ground and see the beauty of the rich life that you had to cut off.  It looks so beautiful, you have to save it.  You pick it up to save it.  You may try to put it in a vase or a pot.  Here to the left --->
I have saved the beautiful branch forever.  It will not die or fade and you can keep the beauty of it on your own wall as I have.
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