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 01 September 2001
New Edition

COUSIN AND EDITOR *****************

Hello,  this is Walt Okon.  We have been asked to start up the Cantelmi Family News.  So I will try.  I need your help.  Would you all be willing to send me things via email.  I will put them in the WP Cantelmi News. This will now be a Web News Letter.

        The Web NewsPaper
Well it has been a long time since we have had a Cantelmi News Letter/Paper 

Times have changed and so has the technology of writing and sending out news letters.  First it was writing on paper and sending them out throught the mail.  More reciently it was E-Mail and senting messages over the internet.  Now,  we will try using the Web and posting the Cantelmi Web Family News at a Web site.

Now, Aunt Jo will have to use the Web.  Well, I have news for all you non-computer people.  Aunt Jo88 is on the computer each day and she is on Chat too.  We have a computer age 90 year old who is with it. She is the one asking me to do the Web Cantelmi News.

Going to Italy!!!

Jackie Brown says ...  Well, Bill & I are leaving tomorrow for our trip.  (Italy)  We'll be gone a couple of weeks. 

Bob & Georgia surprised me with their visit !!!!!!!!  They were here three days & we talked a lot about our Cantelmi Family reunion.  Walter, You never told me if it's actually Florida, or not   - or whether the time that I picked out was O.K.  So I guess I'll never know.

I'll tell all the Italians you said hello, Walter.  Keep well - be talkin to ya soon.  Love, Jackie     ============================== 

 The forcast looks great for The Labor Day Weekend on the East Coast.  The East Cost will have bright clear weather with lots of Sun shine.  It will be warm to hot in the afternoon.

Lois (Peters) Magolon   9-4-46
Ed Brim   9-12-?
Jackie (Peters) Brown   9-21-42
Ronnie Cantelm  9-22-49
Larry Cantelm   9-22-51
Julian G Cantelm  9-23-85
Michael A. Okon   9-24-67
Cindy (Brown) Illa   9-25-70
 Send in your birthday dates so I can publish a complete list.
Student News
The School has just started this year.
Cousin Norm Cantelm has just advised us that their son Daniel who is now 4 years old is just starting pre-school @ St. Coleman Church in Fort Lauderdale.  Norm and JoAnn & Daniel are all excited about this new phase in daniel's development. (04 Sept. 2001)
Cantelmi Family Reunion

Hello out there in Cantelmi Family land.  Some of the Cousins are talking about holding a Cantelmi Family Reunion.  The current plan is for Florida in April 2002.  We are trying to work out the details.  We would welcome your thoughts and ideas.
Subject:     One More Thing.....
   Date:      Sat, 1 Sep 2001 11:47:54 -0600
   From:     "Jackie & Bill" <>
     To:       "Walt Okon" <>

Oh My God, Walter, here I am waiting for Bill to come home from the golf course so he can shower and get dressed and we can leave for Denver - and I turned on the computer, & discovered your newsletter !!  Amazing turn of events!  In two hours, we'll be on our way to Italy ... via  Denver International A.P. ... and yet I was meant to see your newsletter !!

It's GREAT.  And you said FLORIDA and SPRING 2002 in it.  Excellent bro!   Wonder who will respond to this thing?  I
hope A LOT of relatives. 

Well, I better go - wonder who I'll bump into in Italy?  I always see somebody!  Honestly, I really do.  Last time it was some girl from the neighborhood where Lois lives ( & I used to).  And Bill bumped into somebody he knew from Microsoft.  It IS a small world.

Arriverderci   Jackie

 Bob and Georgia Cantelmi are traveling accross country. They departed Florida for a vacation drive across country to the state of Washington.  They will join a cruise to Alaska.  Wow!!!  Sounds like a fun adventure.  On the way they will be stopping in to visit Cousins Jackie and Bill Brown.
Subject: Re:
   Date:   Sat, 01 Sep 2001 22:02:23
   From:  "Linda Peters" <>
   To:    Walt Okon 
Dear Walter,

Congratulations on the rebirth of the "Cantelmi Family News".  We think it's a great!  However…The green background is very pretty, but it sure does use a lot of ink when you print it out!!!  Since I'm cheap, and I know of other cousins that have the same tendency, may I be so bold as to suggest a white background?  And…

A family reunion in Florida in April sounds lovely.  How about sometime between March 30 and April 7?  Also…

I am sending an updated version of the Cantelmi Family Birthdays. I'm sending it as an attachment.  Please let me know if you get it since I've never sent an attachment before.

Hope you and Rosie are having a lovely holiday weekend.

Love,  Linda


Cornelia and Mickolay Okon
Parents of Walter and Alan Okon
This Wedding picture was taken in 1942.

This is Steve Okon
Steve is currently living and working in Aston, Pennsylvania.
Cantelmi Family Reunion.

A Cantelmi family reunion is  being planned for in Florida between 29 March and 07 April 2002.  This should be the Easter break for the teachers and the students.  We are looking for your help and ideas.

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