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This is part III of the Giacobbe Cantelmi (1886-1962) coming to America story.
By Aunt Gloria Vernon, written in 1991

In the last issue of our publication we told about the wedding of Giacobbe and Louisa. Giacobbe (Jack) and Louisa settled in Bethlehem, Pa. 
Louisa and Giacobbe moved into a third floor apartment in his parents apartment building.  Giacobbe continued to work at Bethlehem Steel.  Aunt Josephine was born in 1911.  This little one needed a playmate.  Aunt Nettie (Marie Antoinette) was born in 1912.  Next Uncle Louis was born in 1914.  They still lived in that apartment.  Grandpop had a sister.  Her name was Louisa too.  She and her husband also lived in the same apartment building.  They lived on the second floor.  Soon there were six children all under the age of five living in that building. 
 Giacobbe parents decided to move and they bought row homes on Hayes street.  She gave one to Giacobbe and one to Louise Derrico.  At the same time, she bought a home on fourth street.  It was right next door to the Julian family.  She and Louis moved in with the rest of her children. 
 Louisa and Giacobbe lived on Hayes Street(called Center Street in 1915) for several years.  That is where Cornelia was born in 1916.  Then came Ralph in 1918. We think the address was 508 hayes Street.  There house was on the side of the mountain.  During the winter, the children would slide down the snow bank to school.  It was a fun time in their lives.  They lived there for four years.  In 1991, Giacobbe moved his family to Philadelphia and took a job at Westinghouse.  At first, he moved them into the Westinghouse Village for two months.  Giacobbe's mother was very unhappy about this move because they were a very close family.  She missed her children and grandchildren. 
IN THE NEXT ISSUE- THE HAUNTED HOUSE ************************

What we Remmber from the Past - WP Christmas Past

I remember that Thanks giving was almost part of Christmas.  How can that be you ask?  Well the pollyanna drawing was always held on Thanksgiving day after the Thanksgiving dinner at WP.

 Since there were so many families and lots of the family had two families (the Cantelmi and the In-Laws).  Naturally, a lot of the Aunt and Uncles spent the Thanksgiving Day, including dinner, at the in-laws it wasn't until evening the WP became a full house.  It seem that everyone possible came to WP for Dessert about 7 PM.  The house filled-up and the excitement was up.   After the dessert, Aunt Gloria would past out the little pieces of paper.

If someone was not at WP, than a piece of paper with there name on it would put it in the hat.  Next would be the drawing.  That was the best part.  We were all excited because one of the best parts of the Christmas season was the giving.  If it was possible we would have bought presents for everyone.  But , with the size of our family, that was impossible.

 Of course, we would spend the next few weeks shopping and picking out presents for the pollyanna.  Normally, cousins bought for cousins.  You really wanted to get your cousin a great present.  After all, you might get to play with it on Christmas day. 

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