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Jackie Peters Brown and the Cantelmi Reunion of August 2004
By Jackie Brown

Hello everyone, 

How ya doin?  Decided it was about time for an edition of "Reunion Scoop", by Jackie Brown.  We all have a version of how it went.  Right?  A little of this...a little of that...ya da ya da ya da. 

Alright, so with that in mind; here my friends is the way it went, via me, JB. 

Bill & I arrived in PA on a Tuesday evening.  Lois & Skip picked us up at the airport in Philadelphia.  We drove to their house -  & thus began our truly wonderful week.  Frankie, Cherie & Joey have lovely homes & they are excellent host's & hostesses.  Good job kids!

The first of our cousins that we saw were Bob & Georgia.  We had dinner with them at The Outback along with Lois & Skip.  Considering the circumstances (yep, Bob & Georgia's theft), we had a very nice time visiting over dinner.  Just being together was the real joy!

The next night was our dinner/show cruise.  Lois, Skip, Bill & I drove into Philly and met Walter & Rosie and Stephen & Abbie at the dock by the boat.  Fran & Alan came too, and so did Michelle, Karen and Little Alan (also known as Father Alan).  Michelle and Karen were escorted by their boyfriends. 

The dinner/show cruise was terrific.  The show was called "Tony & Tina's Wedding" and we, the audience, "attended" the wedding and the reception.  Funny, funny, funny.   We all got a kick out of it.  Food was mediocre though.

Next day was our picnic.  Man oh man, it was the longest picnic in the history of picnic's.  But I mean long in a GOOD way.  And with delicious food!  Alan Okon makes the best baked ziti in Pennsylvania.  Yummy!   All of the above cousins were there.  Little Louie, Bobby & Bridgett came - even big Carlyn and Bill's brother Rick came for awhile.  It was a great day.  Frankie grilled great burgers.  I'll tell you what........there was enough food to feed the entire county.  Helloooooo of course there was!!!! We're Italians!!!!!

The final part of the reunion was at Viggiano's.  We met there for dinner.  Dominique also came with her cousin Robert Viggiano and she & I  sat next to each other.  Dominique and I. 

One of the things that we did was to put down in writing some of our thoughts ------ and I shall share these thoughts with you now:

Jackie and Bill Brown at the Cantelmi Picnic
From Lois:  "It has been a wonderful week!  Jackie and brother-in-law, Bill, have been in PA with us.  It is great to have all my cousins for this wonderful family reunion weekend."

From Fran:  "I am a pro-lifer who was arrested for the unborn.  Great being with everyone!  God bless."

From little Alan:  "I am the priest, and hello!  Great food and company here."

From Karen Okon:  "I am looking for a job.  If anyone knows where I can find one, let me know.  I am dating a great musician and love chicken fingers & french fries.  Good to be with family! 
We (Karen & Michelle) are dating great guys & will let you all know when we're getting married!"

From Skip:  "I am Skip Magolon.  I married into the family.  Have known most of the family for 44 years.  It was a great weekend to spend with the family. I am lucky.  Wish everybody the best in life."

From Robert Viggiano:  "I am Robert Viggiano.  I am Aunt Gloria's nephew and Louise's cousin.  One of the 10 boys.  Thank you for having me along!"

From Walter & Rosie:  "We are Walt & Rosie Okon.  We are so happy to be here with our family.  God bless."

From Bill:  "This is terrific!  Friends are great.  When they are family as well, it is truly SPECIAL!."

From Rick Brown (Bill's brother):  "Thanks for inviting me to the Cantelmi family party.  Great to be with you all, especially at Viggiano's - a spectacular restaurant.  Great food!"

From Nikki: "Hi, I'm Nikki.  Everybody calls me Dominique, but I much rather Nikki and to be truthful, Jackie drives me crazy.  But I love the whole family anyway!" 

And last........ from me:  "It is hot in here.  We need air conditioning.  Robert Viggiano is here.  He is nice.  Bill's brother is here.  He's nice too.  We need food now!!!!!!!!!!" 
From Michelle Okon:  "I am studying to be a teacher while working full time.  My boyfriend's father is a fabulous Italian caterer who keeps earning the title "Best Wedding Caterer" by the Main Line Magazine .  Bon Appetite!"

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