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Web News December  2001

COUSIN AND EDITOR *********************
We started up the Cantelmi Family News.  I need your help.  Send me things via email.  I will put them in the WP Cantelmi News.  Web News Letter.
From West Chester Pa.
Hey Cousin  -  miss you.  Some items for  the news letter.

News from the Magolon's

I'm (Lois) cooking for Thanksgiving.  Some of my kids will be here - some at in-laws.  Also Uncle Joe and Aunt Rose Petrillo and their family.  They always celebrate the holidays with us.  That is - SINCE ALL OF YOU LEFT ME .  Tony, Marci and kids will be here. (See Page #3.)  They are driving up for the week. 

Cherie Warley and family went on a Disney  Cruise.  They had a great time.  Karlyn. turned 5 years old Oct.25.  One of the Powder Puff girls came to her birthday party.
(a cartoon character that little girls love)

Youngest Magolon  -  Roman  ( Joe and Jessica's baby)  is 7 1/2 months old.  He just started standing in his crib.  What a cutie!!!!!

Looking forward to Bobby and Georgia 's visit.   Any other takers??  You don't know what your missing.  It's georgeous here in the fall.

Cantelmi Family Reunion.

A Cantelmi family reunion is  being planned for in Florida between 29 March and 07 April 2002.  This should be the Easter break for the teachers and the students.  We are looking for your help and ideas.
The forecast looks like it will be a White Christmas.  The East Cost will have bright clear weather with lots of Sun shine and snow. 
Therefore, Walt is getting the old American Flyer sled out and ready for the snow.  Khristine is looking forward to the sledding.


Laura Magolon            12-9-97
Cheri Warley               12-12-72
Send in your birthday dates so I can publish a complete list.

Christmas travels
Cousins Bob and Georgia are going to be traveling to Orlando for Christmas Eve this year.  This breaks a long standing tradition iof everyone going to Bob and Georgia's for Christmas eve.  On Christmas day, they will travel on to Okeechobbe  day. 
Home by the Fire 

This is the home of Mike Okon.  Mike has just completed some remodeling.  Here you see the new gas fire place and a hand made fire place mantel.  The mantel was designed by Mike and made by a custom furniture maker. 

Get out the Christmas train:

Rosie is the one that has done the real decorating.  I just help and have fun palying with the trains.  We wish you a Blessed Christmas.  Walt & Rosie

Walt & Jackie
This is taken at WP
The good looking guy is Cousin Walt and The young lady is Miss Jackie Peters (Now Aunt Jackie Brown to some).  Yes, we are trying to get you to read the article just to the left.  This picture shows that Jackie is sitting on the edge of a wall.  If she falls to her Right it is just 18 " of a fall.  If she falls to her Left it is about a 18 foot fall.  Who would let their kid sit on that wall.  If you look close, Walt kept one foot on the ground. 

Will you keep one foot on the Ground? I can hear Grandmom, up there, saying "Get together, get together, get together". Can you keep one foot in the family?  Start now and just say I am going to get together with the family.  Cousin Linda says that 29 March and 07 April 2002 are the dates the kids are off from school.  WoW!!!
Let's get together in Florida this year on 29 March 2002. 

The Train
Take the train.  Here in Washington DC people are taking the train.  Amtrack is full and doing a great business.  As far as Government official travel.  I am being very strict on how our people in our office travel.  I question every trip.  I ask why not do Video Teleconferencing.  I have cancelled three trip so far.  I am encouraging the train for trips to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Louise got Married today to DENNIE !

Cousine Louise, Rockledge, Florida, was married to Mr. Dennie Peavler this past weekend. It was a simple wedding with just immediate family.   We do not have pictures or details yet.  Aunts Gloria and Aunt Jo attended the Wedding at the church.

14 Miles from the Pentagon
As of 01 December 2001 the burned out damage to the Pentagon has been all removed.  The temporary wall for the new construction has been put up.  Rebuilding is just in the first phase but it is rebuilding time.  National Airport is finally up to its full operation with the demand.  We have been to the airport.  The  security operation is good and smoth.  We are not allowed to go to the gate area unless you have a boarding pass.  Thee are less people in the Airport. 
Christmas by Candlelight ... a Northern Virginia family tradition, presented by the Adult and Children's Choirs, Orchestra and Drama Ministries of Immanuel Bible Church on December 6.

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