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Christmas Edition,  Page #1
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Out Theme for this edition is "What are you doing this Christmas?" Now is the time to send me your Christmas news.
Our Asian American Couples Bible Study group held a Christmas dinner party at the house of Pauline.  We are all gathered in her living room for this picture.   Pictures is Evelyn Chio from Jolo Sulu standing next to her Grandchildren Isbella and Gabrella.  Next is Harris and Madeline Huchabee.  madline is the the daughter of Evelyn and from Jolo.  Then Walt and Rosie (Go) Okon. Rosie is also from Jolo Sulu.  Next is Blaine and Itsuko Asato from Hawwai who just moved in Walt and Rosie's neighborhood. 
Laura Magolon            12-9-97 
Cheri Warley               12-12-72 
News from Rockledge:
The weather is in the 60s in Rockledge.

Aunt Gloria reports has a new e-mail address and actually sent me and e-mail. Her new e-mail is
Aunt Gloria will have the Christmas day dinner at her house.  Aunt Jo will be there with Linda and Roy.
On Christmas Eve everyone went to Bob and Georgia's house for a Christmas eve gathering.  Aunt Jo was there and she had a wonderful time.

25 Dec02 at 10 AM.

Merry Christmas to you and to your family
We in Virginia woke up to a white Christmas. The snow flakes here that are falling now are big.
They are floting down so soft.  What a wonderful day. 

Jackie & Bill:  Merry Christmas
Hello Relatives, you know who you are. 

Merry Christmas to one and all, and Happy New Year to one and all, as well.  This little greeting is from your favorite cousin, Jackie.  Please read that sentence again.  Thank you....I shall now proceed:

So how y'all been?  Whaddayathink....we go to war, or not?  I say, we probably will.  On that happy note, I shall begin to fill you in BRIEFLY on the lives of the William & Jacqueline Brown family since our last Christmas Newsletter.  I promise it will be brief.  Read if you wish - don't read if you don't wish - simply go on to the next cousin, and my feelings will not be hurt.  (Just don't forget to look over your shoulders for awhile.....if-ah you know what I mean-ah)!

Alright, #1 is Darren.  Darren & Catherine=2 kids: Anthony & Dominique.  They now live in Sydney, Australia.  All is fine with them.  Anthony is in first grade there, Dominique is 4 years old.  Darren is employed by a company called Thompson Legal & Regulatory and his position is General Manager-Planning & Commercial.

#2 is Lisa.  Lisa & Christopher=3 kids: Justine, Frankie & Heather.  Justine is almost 6, Frank just turned 3 & Heather will soon be uno.  They bought a new home last year in Colorado Springs.  Their address is: 4170 Ascendant Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80922, and all is well with them.  (last name is Woodard). 

#3 is Cindy.  Cindy & Mike.  Cindy is a Charge Nurse at a local hospital in Colorado Springs on the Cardiac Care Unit.  She is also in school, seeking a degree to become a Nurse Practitioner.  She & Mike  bought a new home last year & their address is: 817 Delft Dr., Colorado Springs, CO   80907. (last name is Illa).

Yours truly & William H. Brown are fine.  Same address.  Bill is still working.  We shall be making a trip to Sydney one of these days.  We both turned the unmentionable age of ------- well, it begins with the number six -------- this year.  That was annoying.  Thank God for Bobby Keiser & Bob Cantelmi = THEY ARE OLDER!!!!! 

And so that is it.  I told you this would be spiffy.  In the Italian tradition - come over for dinner any Sunday - one or two o'clock:  we'll eat, we'll have some vino, we'll talk about stuff, we'll laugh, we'll eat some more, and when we look up - we'll see Grandmom & Grandpop grinning from ear to ear.  Yo, pass the gravy please!

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