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Cantelmi Family News.  Send me things via email.  I will put them in the WP Cantelmi News. The Web News Letter is published each month at

New Cantelmi Baby
Lisa and Chris's Baby 

Hey Cousins  - We had a baby, its a girl!

Unnamed Girl Baby Woodard
Born: 1:56 a.m. Tuesday, February 5th, 2002
Weight: 7 lbs. 12oz.
Length: 20"

Lisa did great!

Baby is very healthy!

Follow up email with baby's name soon...

Cantelmi Family Reunion.

A Cantelmi family reunion is  being planned for in Florida between 29 March and 07 April 2002.  This should be the Easter break for the teachers and the students.  We are looking for your help and ideas. 

Linda & Roy are flying in on Saturday, March 30th.  They are arriving in Orlando and Linda asked me if Bill and I would pick them up.  They arrive at 8:11 PM.  Of course, I said yes. Jackie
The forecast looks likes Snow.  The East Cost has a fogy "London Like"  weather with lots mist and rain.
Couple of things..... Lisa had her baby.  It was a girl.  Name is Heather.  She was born on Tuesday of this week, on 5 February.  

Frank Magolon  2-6-68

Roxanne Cantelmi  2-17-61
Alan Okon, Jr.   2-26-70
February is the month when often our thoughts turn to "love."  But if you're like us we often fall short on ideas to know how to express our love to the one we love - whether it be a spouse, a fiancee or a serious dating friend.  So, at no charge to you, we decided to compile a few.

With the following 16 ideas the vast majority of them are clearly geared  for married couples, however with a couple of them, they can be "tweaked"to include those not married but who are fiancees and budding sweethearts. 

Leave handwritten love notes in creative places such as - makeup case,  bathroom mirror, tie rack, steering wheel, checkbook, DayTimer, refrigerator, etc.  (Alternate them with Bible verses).

Bake their favorite dessert and serve it by candlelight after the children are in bed.

Dress up for an elegant dinner at home, but of course, order out.

Give them a little gift such as a pen, their favorite magazine, or even a (healthy) candy bar, along with a love note.

Pull out your wedding pictures and spend an evening reminiscing.

Wrap up a gift for every year, month or week together.

Indulge them with the luxury of breakfast in bed, served on a decorated tray.

Send them on a treasure hunt with clues relating to special times together. Let your romantic inclinations (you know - the ones - yeah - those) decide on the treasure.

Ponder on their fine qualities, just as Elizabeth Barrett Browning when she wrote, "Why do I love thee?  Let me count the ways."  Make a list and then tape it to the mirror.

Write down all the reasons you're in love with him/her - put it in an envelope and slip it into their briefcase, purse or lunch sack.

Buy a book of love poems and read them to each other.  (And don't forget the Song of Solomon in the Holy Bible).

Ask a neighbor, relative or church member to take your kids for an evening, place scented candles throughout the house and curl up with your favorite music.

Take a bubble bath together by candlelight with soft music playing.

Create a homemade booklet stuffed with redeemable coupons for a back rub, candlelight dinner, a child-free shopping spree or one uninterrupted night of  ?????

Create and frame a collage, depicting unforgettable moments together.  Make it personal with pictures, letters, ticket stubs, dried flowers, etc. ..and... Say, "I Love You" equally with "I Thank God For You."
Florida travels
Orlando  a  "nice excursion"   A nice drive up to Orlando from Rockledge and going to the Harry P. Leu Gardens. 

This place is in the AAA book, Florida 2002 version, on page 143.  It is 50 acres featuring "paved walkways, camellias, and one of the largest formal rose gardens in Florida".  There is a wooded deck overlooking Lake Rowena (whatever Lake Rowena is!!!).  And you can get a tour of  the Orchid House (whatever that is).  Kill a couple of hours there and even have a picnic lunch. 

Then, as if that's not enough....there is a park called Lake Eola Park. At Lake Eola Park you can rent a paddleboat for a 1/2 hour.  Enjoy the water and the afertnoon.  This park features "stately trees, and flowering plants and shrubs" -
The Swiss Inn The Swiss Inn (toll free # is 1-866-794-7746).  Walt and Rosie and Jackie and Bill have  made reservations starting  March 28

The rate is $60.00 per night (a "deal" because we've stayed  there before).  If you call, your rate will be $60.00 too.  And FYI, a "group rate" is 6 rooms....which we would need other Family members to stay at the same place.

Bob and Georgia went over to the Swiss place and found it very clean.
Hey Walt,
Soccer News
     Sorry It has taken us so long to send in news for February. We have been very busy with the kids. Soccer season is coming to an end. Cody had his last game on February 9th. His team won. They had a great season. We have all decided to keep the team together next year too. Tony is the coach and they love him. We are in the process of planning a party to hand out their trophies.

Kaitlyn's team still has a few more games. They are doing great. We went to a 3 day soccer tournament about an hour north of Tampa in Zephryhills January 19th-21st. and they took home place in the tournament. They won 5 out of 5 games.
School News:
Kaitlyn also got strait A's on her report card in mid January. And took home FIRST place for a science project that her and
Tony worked on together.  Cody is getting ready to graduate from Tiny Tots in May. He will be headed to Kindergarten In August. He is so excited.

We are getting ready for company. Marci's parents will be flying in for the first 2 weeks of March. We are going to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City. Not just to ride the rides, We are going to some concerts. Tony, the kids and I are going to see Toby Keith and my parents are going to see Vince Gill and Leeann Womack. Can't wait it should be fun.  Only $10.00 a ticket!!!                    

Kaitlyn will be making her First Holy Communion on May 5th. We are having a big party if anyone wants to join us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are getting a few rooms at the Ramada down the street on the bay.
We will be at the Family Reunion. We are going to Disney from the 24th-27th. We will be spending Easter Sunday with all of you. Georgia, is that okay? I will call you and see what we can bring. Besides homemade Easter candy!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I guess that is all for now. Time to get the kids up for school.

     Love Tony, Marci, Kaitlyn and Cody
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