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Favorite Christmas Gifts 
Hey Cousins  - our favorite Christmas gifts for 2001. 

Tony Magolon- Dean Martin, Italian Love song Cd and The Best of Italy CD. 

Marci Magolon- Heated footbath/spa. 

Kaitlyn and Cody Magolon - 14 foot Trampoline and net for the back yard.

Walt Okon - Motion Detector

Rosie Okon - Olympus D-510 digital camera

Aunt Jo - Having Roy and Linda here in Florida.  My second favorite gift was a new bed! 

Linda and Roy Peters - Our trip to Florida. 
Robert Cantelmi -Bean bag puppy

Georgia Cantelmi -  George Forman grill.

R.D. Hall -A DELL computer  I was so happy I did a dance.  (Son of Cathy Cantelmi Hall)

Alan Okon, Sr - Attended Mid-night Mass
on Christmas Eve concelebrated by Fr. Alan and spending Holiday with family.

Cantelmi Family Reunion.

A Cantelmi family reunion is  being planned for in Florida between 29 March and 07 April 2002.  This should be the Easter break for the teachers and the students.  We are looking for your help and ideas.
The forecast looks like it will be a Snow.  The East Cost will have bright clear weather with lots of Sun shine and snow on 03 Jan.02 
Who Got Married?
********************************* Johnny Krain was married on December 29th 2001 in the great state of Georgia.  He married the
extremely beautiful inside and out Brenda. For their honeymoon, they were going to travel by car
up north for several days.  Johnny Krain is George and Michael Krain's brother.  He is our cousin who lives here in Orlando, Florida and they are the sons of Lillian Krain.  Lillian Krain is the daughter of Uncle Tony.  That is they all come from the Family of Uncle Tony (Water Pistol Tony).  They are from the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Cantelmi's.  We will have to tell the story of Uncle Water Pistol Tony another time. ********************************* 

Eddie Brim   1-2-99
Jesse Rocco Loewry    1-6-98
Marci Magolon  1-19-?
John Magolon   1-20-42
JoAnn Farina-Cantelm  1-24-?
Louise Morley   1-25-61
Daniel Loewy   1-31-59
Christmas travels
Linda and Roy traveled to Rockledge Florida to spend Christmas with Aunt Jo.
Cousin Bob and Georgia traveled all over Florida to see Georgia's Mom and to see their Grandson "RD"
Cornelia Cantelmi & Mickolay J. Okon

21 May 1943 Walter J. Okon was born to Cornelia and Mickolay or to Corny and Mick. This picture was taken in 1944.  I am sure it was at the park in West Philadelphia. 

Continue Right Column---->

Aunt Cornelia was the third daughter of Louise and Jack Cantelmi.  I remember something about that they has an apartment about two blocks from Grandmom's house.  I think It was Aunt Nettie's and Uncle Franks Apartment; but, Uncle Frank was in the US Navy.  So,  while Uncle Frank was away at sea, Aunt Nettie and Jackie moved back into Grandmom's house.  Uncle Frank was in the US Navy during 1943 to 1945. 

During their first years of marriage, Cornelia, I believe was an Office Clerk.  Mickey was a welder at the Philadelphia ship yard.   He welded the plates on the side of the ships.  He had to work on a scaffold suspended on the side of a ship high off the ground.  I know he was afraid of hights.  He told me of the times that men working on the ships had fallen off the scaffold to their death.  In later years, Dad would not even climb a ladder. 

It was some time after the World War II that GrandPop was able to get Mickey Okon a job at Westinghouse as a welder.  Westinghouse  provided advanced Welding training and Mickey became an atomic Welder.  He did the welding on the nuclear reactors on US Nuclear ships.

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