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From Down Under

Hi family and friends:

This note is from a proud mum...

Dominique and I just returned home from Anthony's school Friday Assembly.  When we walked up to school this
morning, the school's principle came up to me and asked if I brought my camera for assembly.  I said no, and I
quickly drove home to get it.  (I know you are all shocked at this point, thinking I carry my camera EVERYWHERE! 
Well, just about.)

During this morning's school assembly, Anthony was among a few children who were awarded the Student of the
Week Award.  Anthony's award was for "Always following the Fair Direction Rule and for being the best person he
can be."

Yes, it was another Kleenex moment!

Love, C

(Especially missed you this morning, D.)soon...

Cantelmi Family Reunion.

A Cantelmi family reunion is  being planned for in Florida between 29 March and 07 April 2002.  This should be the Easter break for the teachers and the students.  We are looking for your help and ideas.
Hello Everyone,

In just a couple of weeks, Bill and I will be in Florida for the Family Reunion, which we are looking forward to VERY MUCH.

I'm going to bring along some pictures of the kids for all of you to see.  Darren was just here (in Colorado Springs) enroute to Sydney, Australia.  He spent four days with us.  As you all probably know, he is literally moving there - and I'll tell you all about it when I see you.

Bill and I will be flying into Jacksonville on the 28th of March, renting a car, and hanging around Florida for a total of 10 days.  We're going to get together with some old friends that we know from when we lived down there - but not until AFTER the Family Reunion - the most important thing being our Family Reunion!!!! 

Bob and Georgia have invited all of us Reunion people over to their house for Easter Sunday.  I told Bob I'd bring a bottle of vino,
some nice cheese, and some good Italian bread (if I can find it).  Hey...maybe I should bring a couple of bottles of vino!!!! 

We are going to have a GREAT time catching up on everything - I can't wait to see you - I love you all - 

The Swiss Inn The Swiss Inn (toll free # is 1-866-794-7746).  Walt and Rosie and Jackie and Bill have  made reservations starting   March 28

The rate is $60.00 per night (a "deal" because we've stayed  there before).  If you call, your rate will be $60.00 too.  And FYI, a "group rate" is 6 rooms....which we would need other Family members to stay at the same place.

Bob and Georgia went over to the Swiss place and found it very clean.

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