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Bethelhem, Pennsylvania

Cantelmi Cousins
Hello, My name is Dino P. Cantelmi, Jr.  of Bethlehem, PA.  I am the son of Dino P. Cantelmi, Sr. and the grandson of  Placido A. Cantelmi and Isabella (Piermatteo) Cantelmi.  I was just browsing the web and I saw your Cantelmi family news letter.  Great job.  It's nice to know that you are doing this.  I will forward this to my sisters  and brother.  Dino
It's great to here from you.  I love that you have vivid memories of your Uncle Pat (who my middle name is after).  Unfortunatley I don't have any stories about my grandfather because he died before I was born.  I  was very close to my grandmother Isabella until she died when I was 12.  I'm sorry that I never had a chance to meet you and my other relatives.  I only know of my local relatives.   My Dad and I own and operate the Cantelmi Funeral Home in Bethlehem.   Dad is 66 and I am 34 years old.  My Dad's twin sister Isabella, lives in North Carolina and Uncle Lou and his son Richard still run Cantelmi Hardware Store in Bethlehem that my grandfather started.  My Aunt Geraldine lives in Bethlehem and is the only one that gives me information about the family (She is the keeper of all the old photographs and family recipes.

Dino Pat Cantelmi

Worst Winter Since 1996 In 
Northern Virginia 

Well who would have guessed that the days would go by so fast. Here in Northern Virginia we have had snow, snow, snow.  The snow has covered the ground for almost a month now.  This has been an unusual snow winter.  The last time it snowed this much was in 1996.   I am feeling guilty because I have not bought food for the deer that live in the back woods.  We are seeing the deer every day now because it is easier to see them in the snow. 

Our Deer herd that lives in the forest preserve behind our house are having a hard winter.  This snow has been on the ground for almost three weeks. 

 Josephine Keiser  3-8-11 
Justine Woodard  3-9-97 
Fran Okon   3-9-48 
Elliot Rocco Cantelm  3-9-88 
Roman Magolon  3-10-01 
Gloria Vernon   3-10-25 
Lisa Woodard   3-14-69 
Courtney Warley  3-19-99 
Mike Illa   3-21-68
Trip to Calorado:

In May, Walt Okon will go to Denver Colorado,  I will be speaking at a technology conference on 28-30 May.  We hope to spend the weekend with our cousins Jackie and Bill in Colorado Springs.  Yes, of course Rosie is coming with me.

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