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 October  2001
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COUSIN AND EDITOR *********************

Hello,  this is Walt Okon.  We have been asked to start up the Cantelmi Family News.  So I will try.  I need your help.  Send me things via email.  I will put them in the WP Cantelmi News is now a Web News Letter.

     Dominique  (Nikki)  Morley 

Dominique Morley has been extended an invitation to be A Student Ambassador next summer. The program is called People to People Student Ambassadors. President Eisenhower established this program in the 1960's and currently President Bush is the Chairman.

Beginning next June and ending in July, Dominique could possibly spend 22 Days in Australia and New Zealand. To be selected, you have to be nominated by a teacher, alumni or academic achievements. There are only 30 students chosen through out the United States. Just being selected is a true honor. 

The first meeting will be held in October. Dominique and her Mom will attend this meeting to find out the details.  Cousin Louise has already spoken with the organization and found out this is an opportunity of a lifetime but a very expensive one.  It certainly is a once in a lifetime trip and would be thrilling for Dominique. 

Cantelmi Family Reunion.

A Cantelmi family reunion is  being planned for in Florida between 29 March and 07 April 2002.  This should be the Easter break for the teachers and the students.  We are looking for your help and ideas.   



 The forcast looks great for The Fall Leaves on the East Coast.  The East Cost will have bright clear weather with lots of Sun shine.  


Paul Robert Keiser      10-7-32
Darren Brown             10-8-66
Bill Brown                   10-9-42
Karlyn Warley             10-25-96

Send in your birthday dates so I can publish a complete list.

Student News
The School has just started this year.
Cousin Norm Cantelm has just advised us that their son Daniel who is now 4 years old is just starting pre-school @ St. Coleman Church in Fort Lauderdale.  Norm and JoAnn & Daniel are all excited about this new phase in daniel's development. (04 Sept. 2001)
Cantelmi Family Reunion

Hello out there in Cantelmi Family land.  Some of the Cousins are talking about holding a Cantelmi Family Reunion.  The current plan is for Florida in April 2002.  We are trying to work out the details.  We would welcome your thoughts and ideas.

 Bob and Georgia Cantelmi are traveling accross country. They departed Florida for a vacation drive across country to the state of Washington.  They will join a cruise to Alaska.  Wow!!!  Sounds like a fun adventure.  On the way they will be stopping in to visit Cousins Jackie and Bill Brown.
Cousin Roy went to Dallas

Cousin Roy went to Dallas September 9-14.  He was a trainer at a class designed to teach consultants how to advise CEO's.  Unfortunately, disaster hit the World Trade Center during his class.

However, he did have a wonderful visit with Darren and Catherine Brown during his stay.  They treated him royally--chauffeuring him to and from their lovely home and affording him Texas hospitality and a delicious dinner.  In addition, Anthony and Dominique provided lots of fun.  Roy also learned more about their family plans to move "Down Under" in December.  All in all, it was a memorable evening!

Roy's trip home was uneventful, and his plane arrived right on time.  He had to go through lots of extra security, but it was worth it!!
Love, Linda

This is Grand Mom and Grand Pop Cantelmi
 This was taken in May 1959 in Mr. Britton's Trailer.  I have no idea who Mr. Britton was.
Returning from Italy!!!

Cousins & Aunts & Uncles:  Bill and I went to Italy recently.  We had a very nice time & if you are at all interested, you can read about  this trip.  Please be warned, it can be boring, long and don't read it if you aren't in the mood.  Thanks, Jackie

 Love, Jackie  

14 Miles from the Pentagon   
By:  Walt Okon
     I was just fourteen miles from the Pentagon when we heard the first plane went into the twin towers.  I was in my office sitting at the desk when my staff started running out into the the hallways of the building to see the TV monitors.  The second plane hit and then the Pentagon.  We quickly moves all the people into the basement.  Our building is a big military building and some what a target in the Northern Virginia skyline. 
     Our people were calm and did listen to directions.  After a quick assessment it was decided that our building should be evacuated.  Mothers were released first to go pick up children from school and to go home.  Next, the rest of the people were sent home.   We all returned to work the next day and started a head count of all people.  Now, all government people have to report in at 9 AM every morning for head count.  The other interesting think is we pray at most every office gathering.  It seem we are all now interested in having God as part of our lives.

Departure: 9/2/01 Denver, Colorado/Newark, New Jersey/Milan, Italy

Day 1 – Milan 
Vicky, the Italian Perillo tour guide, met us at the Malpensa airport in Milan.  We boarded a Perillo motorcoach & went directly to our hotel (The Royal Hotel Mercure).  Perillo takes care of checking in & checking out, the baggage handlers, etc. so there’s no work involved for the travelers.

After arriving at the hotel, we were “on our own”.  Bill & I walked around the city for hours, having lunch at one of “my restaurants” (in planning for this trip, I had certain restaurants picked out that were recommended by various authors of travel books & I am referring to them as “my restaurants”).  Anyway, during our walk, we found a grocery store, bought cheese & fruit & had supper in our room that evening.

Insights:  The “deluxe motorcoach” isn’t deluxe.  The 41 (or so) people on our tour are all very nice & from a variety of states.  Sorry to say but the Italians in Milan are rude.  If you’re walking on the sidewalk & one or two pass you by, they simply do not move over.  They’ll bump right into you!

Day 2 – Milan
Breakfast is provided at the hotel each morning during this tour.  The breakfast’s are very nice.  Needing to be on the bus by 8 AM for an excursion to Lugano, Switzerland, the breakfast began at 7 AM.  Lugano is a very pretty town (not too far from the border in Milan) that had a lot of stores selling watches.  Next, a visit to Como, Italy, which is situated on Lake Como.  These two towns are near each other.  Lugano is prettier.

After this full day, we returned back to Milan, took a rest, & then ventured out again walking around the city & supplying ourselves with more cheese & fruit for another supper in our room that evening.

Day 3 – Milan to Venice
Another 7 AM breakfast to be on the bus by 8 (whoa… thought I was on vacation!)  But before we left Milan, on tour, we visited the museum where the painting of The Last Supper is housed.  We also visited The Galleria & the La Scala Opera House.  Lunch was on the road at an Italian Auto Plaza.  These are not like our highway joints.  They are actually quite nice.  

Today was a long bus day with a stopover in Verona (famous for Romeo & Juliet).  A lovely town and we wished we could have stayed there longer.  Finally arriving in Venice, a water taxi took us to our hotel (The Splendid Suisse Hotel).  Tried in vain to find one of “my restaurants” and did not.  We wound up spending a lot of lira for a mediocre dinner at a typical tourist restaurant.

Day 4 – Venice
Spent the morning with the tour group seeing things.  In the afternoon, Bill & I discovered one of “my restaurants” and had lunch there.  It was awful!  Vicky (who talked from Milan to Venice non-stop on the bus) warned us that in Venice if one orders pasta, one should say “pasta expresso”.  That means “cooked now” – not yesterday.  Well, she talked so much on the bus that I had tuned it out.  Unfortunately for me!.  The pasta was limp!

Venice has lots of dogs.  In the evening, I counted thirty.  The gondola’s are everywhere – nik-nak stores abound – tourists everywhere.  In the evening, we discovered a beautiful church in a nice residential area.  Mass was going on, & so we went to Mass.  Picked up some more cheese & fruit for supper in our room.  Note: we’re doing a lot of walking during the day & it’s nice eating in the room at night, watching a little CNN (it’s in English) and relaxing before going to bed. 

(This tour does not include dinners.  I picked this particular Perillo Tour BECAUSE of that reason.  Most of the people touring with us are eating in restaurants, all of the time, of course).

Day 5 – Venice to Florence
Breakfast 7 AM – “Sarge’s” order!!  Leaving Venice, we ventured to the town of Padua to visit a cathedral where St. Anthony is buried.  Mass was going on while we were being led on a tour, so we left the tour (in the cathedral) & attended Mass.  When we arrived in Florence, we found one of “my restaurants” while walking around the city and it was very, very nice.

Day 6 – Florence
Our hotel is called The Londra.  This was a total tour day seeing “David” and a whole bunch of other things.  When it was over, & after a rest in our room, Bill & I went for a walk.  Finding another church with Mass going, we again went to Mass.  Dinner was at a restaurant that we went to three years ago, while in Italy with friends and it was as delightful as ever!

Day 7 – Florence

The tour group went to Pisa today.  We did not.  Been there, done that!  Believe it or not, we went to Mass again (10:30 AM).  This Mass was in English at the Duomo.  Then we walked, walked, walked.  Spent a lot of time in the Boboli Gardens.  Couldn’t go to one of ”my restaurants” for dinner because they were all closed tonight, but we wound up finding one that was very good.  Florence is a nice city as long as you stay away from the areas where the hoards of tourists are mingling.

Day 8 – Florence to Sorrento
A too long bus ride!  Ten hours!  We are supposed to be having “beautiful Italian music” playing while on these rides - instead our guide Vicky (Sarge) talks & talks & talks.  (This woman (about 55 ish, & 90 pounds wet) is a good, organized tour guide, but is apparently allergic to music).  Anyway, after several stops along the way (auto plaza’s etc.) we arrived in Sorrento.  A beautiful, beautiful place.  Dinner was at one of “my restaurants”.  Excellent meal – very pretty atmosphere.

Day 9 – Sorrento
Vesuvio Hotel.  Actually today was mostly spent on the Isle of Capri.  The group went on a tour there, but Bill & I did not.  Who needs a tour to walk around the Isle of Capri?  A Catamaran took us to the isle & a hydrofoil took us back to Sorrento.  The water was rough.  Back in Sorrento, that evening, we had plans to go out for dinner with another couple.  Calling their room for final plans, Bill hung up the phone & said they “just don’t feel like going out because of what happened”.  They spoke about a fire in New York.  

Turning on the T.V., we soon found out just indeed what they were talking about!  Feeling sick inside, many of us in the tour group mingled in the hotel lobby, talking & crying, but after a while, Bill & I decided to go into town, and amazingly (considering the state that we were in) we found a Mass going on & went to Mass again.  The priest looked like Larry Cantelmi.

Day 10 – Sorrento to Rome
This trip was accomplished via a visit to Pompei, which was so crowded that it was unbelievable.  Got to the hotel in Rome (The Jolly Hotel Leonardo Da Vinci) about 4 PM & we had dinner with the couple who told us about New York.  People are very worried now about whether or not they will be able to get home.  I am not – what’s so bad about being “stuck” in Rome?

Day 11 – Rome
Did not do the “tour thing” again today.  They all went to the Vatican, etc. which we saw 3 years ago & didn’t need to see again.  So we walked, walked, walked in the Borghese Gardens, spending the whole day there - and went to their museum, which like everything else in Italy is incredible..  Dinner was at one of “my restaurants”.  Very nice.  (it certainly pays to do your “homework”)

Day 12 – Rome
Today was a “free day” for the tour group and another free day for us as well.  We walked a lot, having lunch at one of “my restaurants”  That evening, we had cheese & fruit in our room for dinner/supper (whatever), knowing that we had to be in the lobby at 5 AM the next morning to go to the airport.  

Day 13 – Rome to Newark, New Jersey
The plane took off from Rome as scheduled.  Arrived in Newark to find all flights to Denver cancelled.  Spent the night in a Hampton Inn, which was very, very nice & had dinner at a restaurant recommended by one of the staff.  It, too, was very, very nice.  I have a higher opinion now of good ole Newark.

Day 14 – Newark to Denver
Scheduled to leave on the 15th (tomorrow), we got lucky & were put on a plane today.  Airports crowded – security tight.  Our car was parked at an Embassy Suites Hotel in Denver, where we had spent the night before our flight to Italy.  Got in it & drove to the Springs.

This was quite a trip considering everything.  As I said above, the people on the tour were all very nice people.  Taking this Perillo Tour was also very nice.  Would we do a tour again, should we return back to Italy?  No.  We would stay away from the cities & spend our time in the countryside far from the maddening crowd. 

P.S. We found this joke in a magazine on one of the planes:  Did you hear about the agnostic insomniac dyslexic?  Every night he lies awake in bed wondering if there really is a dog.

By:  Jackie Brown

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