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Walt Okon and Brother Alan Build a Deck in the Back Yard in Springfield, Virginia

Hello, You are seeing two brothers working together.  Walt Okon is trying to build a deck in his back yard beside the back yard pond.  On Saturday, 27 September 2003 Walt's brother Alan drove down to Springfield, Virginia to help brother Walt build the deck.
What you are seeing in the base of the deck that is finished; but, now they are in the process of attaching the post to build the fence rails.
Alan Okon bolts on a fence post for safety in Springfield, Virginia

27 September 2003, The weather is perfect for working outside.  This is great for getting a major project completed.  The goal for the day is to get the post and rails finished.   It is a good feeling for brothers to work together on a project and have a sense of accomplishment.
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