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Northern Virginia Divorced, Separated people can find help in the Coping and Rebuilding Courses. Divorced and separated persons can select the course they need:
Coping Course (level 1)
Rebuilding Course (level 2)
Divorce Care Course (level 1) - 13 week support group course.

Divorce Events - Northern Virginia

The Rebuilding Course is for adults who have been separated or divorced for more than six months or have completed the Coping Course which is the first course.

The Rebuilding Course for divorced or separated people is a nine weekly session plus a ending picnic day.

The Rebuilding Course for divorced or separated people is every Sunday evening starting 22 February to 26 April 1998; except for 12 April which is Easter.

The Rebuilding Course for divorced or separated people sessions are from 6 PM to 8:30 PM.

The Rebuilding Course location for divorced or separated people is at the White Oaks Elementry School, 6130 Shiplett Blvd. Burke, Virginia.

The Rebuilding Course Topics for divorced or separated people include:
Building Blocks
Transactional analysis
Stages of grief
Self-worth and Self-love
Masks we ware

The cost to take the Rebuilding Course for divorced or separated people is $32.00 as a one-time free-will offering including the text book and the "Fisher Assestment Test". The Coping and Rebuilding group that presents this course in a non-profett, non demonitial organization of careing people who have been devorce and are now willing to help others.

Our Purpose is to help people get through a very difficult time, to share our love, respect, and friendship with all people.

Who is invited to attend?
People who are divorced or sepaeated and would like help in getting their lives back on a positive track.

For Information and registeration call:
Alan Meager at 703 533-3632
Mary Lou Kubic at 703 502-4966
Gene Epperly at 703 494-8024
Walt Okon at 703 455-0543

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