Faith Unlimited 

The Faith Unlimited is a Christian musical group from the Philippines bring Joy to you. Faith Unlimited springs from the fact that inspires its name: the limitless of faith, and the musical possibilities it generates, as long as the ultimate goal is ministry through music.

It is a singing group that has gathered its members on the strength of faith, and the way faith in God moves mountains and changes hearts. The members of Faith Unlimited come from different parts of the Philippines, although Dumaguete is essentially everybody's home.  Their diversity sparkles: Most speak Cebuano while others also speak hiligaynon.  Only four of the members are still in college while the rest of the group are professionals.  But despite the diversity, the members of Faith Unlimited have found a common ground: The conviction that their talents and abilities are God-given gifts.  Their motivation for performing lies in the belief that through the conversation of art and music, people will be made aware of the character of God and his eminent call for humanity.  With that, Faith Unlimited reaches out not only to a specific sector in Philippine society, but to all sectors, to all ages, and to all nationalities a truly daunting task, it may seem, but perseverance with a limitless faith in God is the groups constant cornerstone.

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