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The Faith Unlimited is a Christian musical group from the Philippines bring Joy to you.  Faith Unlimited springs from the fact that inspires its name: the limitless of faith, and the musical possibilities it generates, as long as the ultimate goal is ministry through music.
Faith Unlimited first aims to bring people to a deeper knowledge of God through Jesus Christ by singing  His messgae of joy, hope, love, and salvation. Resonating these to every ear and heart that God brings us to minister to.

Second, we want to encourage others through our testimony to take that step of faith with our Lord. The group is a witness to God's many miracles and we want to impart these blessings so others can experience His touch through us.

Lastly, we aim to bring glory and honor to the Giver of talents. We want to use our gifts not only through singing but by helping churches in any we can. May it be in music or other ministries.

For inquiries about Concerts contact for East Coast concerts:
Gina Raakin, Musical Director for Faith Unlimited
Music Group Faith Unlimited from Dumaguete travels to California.
  Faith Unlimited, a new Christian singing group is showcasing Dumaguete-based talents in a tour of different churches and Filipino communities in California beginning June 30, 2002. Many members of this group are alumni of Silliman university who had been members of the Silliman Campus Choristers. Others were already members of gospel singing groups based in Dumaguete. The group which was formed in January 2002 has 14 members. There are 10 singers, three technical staff and a musical director in the person of Gina Raakin.  Gina is a former faculty member of the College of Performing Arts, and had served for a long time as accompanist and singer for the Campus Choristers. 

The performances in California is a result of the invitation by the New Covenant Christian Fellowship in West Covina, California.  The New Covenant Church celebrated its anniversary with Faith Unlimited performing for them

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