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Did you know that there are more that a million foreign international students studying here in the United States. Yet Only ten percent of then ever get to visit the inside of an American home during the four years that they are studying in the States. In Northern Virginia there is a great need for Host Families to "Be a Friend" to one or more of these students. One of the students is a young ladies from Korea.  Jin Ah shares her thoughts and feeling about her country, Korea.

Jin-Ah is graduate of the The English Language Institute (ELI) at George Mason University which is a program of intensive English instruction for international students to improve their language skills. Jin-Ah has mastered our English language in what I consider a very short time. She has completed her studies at the English Language Institute at George Mason University as of December 15, 1997. She has been selected to work at ANVICOM for two months before returning to Korea.  Anvicom is one of the fastest growing computer companies in the United States.  Are you interested in hosting a foreign student?  If you are please contact, your church Pastor or come to McLean Bible Church and see a real International Ministry

Pictured here are two students from China who came to visit our Nations' Capital.  They stayed with Walt and Rosie while there were in Washington DC. Both are PhD. Students.

March 2002-International Students from Ohio State University; Min Li and Lei Chai visit Walt and Rosie

Host Family Tips- These are tips for hosting International Students
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