Host Family Tips
The purpose of hosting an International Student is to support them while in this country so they will have a family away from home to trun to for support when they are feeling alone and confused.

Here are some helpful hints:

  1. If at all possible, meet your student for the first time as they are getting off the airplane, train, or bus when they arrive in this country. They will never forget that moment and to have a friend meet them will relieve almost all their concerns. You will be remembered for life.
  2. When they arrive in your house bring them a glass and ask them, "What would you like to drink water, juice, coke, or tea." (Don't just ask what would you like to drink. In some cultures it would be impolite to accept an verbal offer. But, a glass in their hand will let them know that you are serious and them can accept.)
  3. Encourage them to use E-Mail because the student get an E-Mail account at the University. This is s good way to keep in touch. Also, try to set a pattern of calling your International student at least twice per week.
  4. Encourage your student to join you once a week for some activity or at least one a month. A home cooked Dinner is always good and dinner time provides an opportunity to talk. Consistent visits help make you and your student feel comfortable with each other.
  5. Taking your student to church with you seems to be appreciated by most of the students that we have hosted in the past.
  6. International Students are normally open to all types of your family activities such as Birthday parties, hicking, Biking, picnics, visits to other family members, Etc.

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