International English Language Institute

George Mason University

The purpose of hosting an International Student is to support them while in this country attending the International English Language Institute at George Mason University. The International Community of McLean Bible Church works with the International Student Office at George Mason University to provide support and Host Families for the students that are attending the International English Language Institute. The purpose is to ensure that each student will have a family while they are away from their home to turn to for support when they are feeling alone and confused.

Here are some things the Host Families provide:

  1. Students will have adult family support and care.
  2. Students will meet an American Family that will befriend them and relieve almost all their concerns of being in a strange country.
  3. Students will be part of a good family and enjoy home cooking in an American home.
  4. Students will receive encourage for their American Family. They will be encouraged to study and learn. At the same time, students will see a part of Americian life.
  5. Students will be encourage to join thir American Family at least once a week for some activity. A home cooked Dinner is always good. Consistent visits help make you both the student and the Host Family feel comfortable.
  6. Students will have the opportunity to visit differt parts of the sights in the United States. Host Families in conjuction with the International Community of McLean Bible church provide monthly trips and different activities.

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