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The purpose of hosting a visiting International Student to our area of the Washington DC metro area is to provide them a safe and wholsome place to stay, to give them food and bed for a few days.  Also, to give them an insight into an American Family.

Helpful hints visiting International Students:

  1. For the "first timers" who are hosting over night student in their home for the first time.  Our advice is, "Just be your natural self".  Do not do any thing special. Remember these visitors are probable tired and hungry after traveling and arriving at your home.
  2. What kind of food to should you serve?  Nothing special.  Just prepare the normal dinner food you always have for your family.  The International students already know to expect something different.  They are expecting to experience a normal American dinner.  So they want to have what you are having they want to experience your food.
  3. Some (very few) international students do not eat pork.  We will warn you ahead of time if this situation is coming to you.  We will ask you first if this is a problem for you.  If it is, just tell the organizer.  We will make a switch of students so everyone can feel comfortable.
  4. Do they need snacks or lunch for their days in the city while touring Washington DC?  Yes, the international students that are here in a tour will be traveling through the Washington Area.  They will appreciate a Picnic/Sack lunch - the famous American Brown Bag lunch.  Normally, we pack a sandwich, a fruit, a desert cake/candy and a soda, water, or juice.
  5. What kind of meals should I prepare for the time they're with me?  Just prepare the same meal that you would have for yourself.  A good tip is to prepare something easy and easy to clean up after dinner.  rebember you want to spend as much time talking with them as possible.
  6. Will they speak any English?  Yes, all our International Students speak english; some better than others.  Most want to talk with you and listen so they can practice their english.  Be prepared to listen carefully.  Some students will be speaking slowly so they can think of the translation.  Give them time.  They will do fine.
  7. Do they watch American movies?  Yes, most international students will sit and watch TV or American movies with you.  Some will just be happy talking and listening to you talk.
  8. What is another thing we can do during the first evening?  Look at family pictures that show things to do and see in Washington DC and the area.  The International Students will want to know where you go and what things you are interested in and why.  They will want to hear "why".  They really want to learn about us.

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