House Construction 
Walt and Rosie's home.

It is Friday, 15 March 2002, the walls are up and the finishers have been carefully been working on the edges and all the trimming.  They have a special sander/vacume cleaner.  It fine sands and vacuums at the same time.  This means that there is minimal dust created.  Jim Jim Broyhill over sees the jobs and he ensure Quality is built in to each home.  Jim takes the time to build each part of the house the right way. Next, the painting will begin.  The hardwood floors will be installed soon.

The hardwood maple floors have been installed.  You are looking at the new kitchenette area.  The workmen will be doing the framing of the windows and doors soon.  Painters will be coming.  New sliding french doors will be installed to separate the kitchenette from the Sun Room.  Look at the picture to the right--------->

Here is the sun room.  You see the morning sun coming in the windows on to the newly installed hardwood floors.  Doug the lead of the carpenter  team will frame the windows in preparation for the paint team.  The painting will be done next.

You can see the installation of the new Fireplace.  It is a natural Gas fireplace that is completely enclosed.  It is 78 percent heat  efficientwith a glass front to protect the children from playing or getting hurt.
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