Custom Home Remodeling

15 May, almost complete.  we are getting things moved in the completed addition.  This is a table and chair set from the Florida home of Cornelia Okon. 
The gas fired place was installed and is now working by remote control  We are still working on the fireplace mantel. 

17 May, This is the open house party.  You are looking at the new kitchenette area.  The workmen completed all the framing of the rooms.  Painting and staining have been finished.  This Party was catered by Beda's Catering.  It was an excellent meal.  Look at the picture to the right---->

Here is the sun room finished and being enjoyed by the guest.   Pictured are James Broyhill and his wife Jannette.  Jim is the Builder that created this addition on the home.

17 May,  Welcome to our addition.  Yes,  we are finished and ready for guest to arrive.

Ms.  Rosie Lee Go Okon, owner of this wonderful addition welcomes you to view the finished product.
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