Jolo, Sulu Public Library

The Jolo Sulu Public Library Team in the United States is working very hard to encourage people to send books to Jolo.

The Jolo Sulu Public Library Team would like you to send books to the Jolo Public Library, Notre Dame of Jolo Library and perhaps the Mindanao State University Library.  

If you are able to fund one book box, that would be great. The books will be sent in the name of your choice if you fund the cost of shippment. 

Let me know if you are able to help in this endeavor. Thanks.  You can contact Madge at  Chongga Reyes <>

If you can send book directly to Jolo at a less cost, send them direct!

Please send the books directly to:

Jolo Public Library
c/o Hadji Suod Tan
20-A Baliwasan Moret
Airport Road
Zamboanga City
Tel: (062) 991-4888 (Nasir Kalbi)

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