Jolo Sulu, Philippines

Third Grand Reunion - Tausug Association

The Third Jolo Tausug Reunion, 4 July 2004 at the Gouverneur Hotel, Montreal, Canada.

02 July 2004, The New York/New Jersey bus arrives at the Hotel Gouverneur in Montreal, Canada. For the start of the Third Grand Reunion for the people of the Jolo Sulu Tausug Association.  The bus from the Unites States carried mostly people from New York and New Jersey.  Others both flew in to Montreal, Canada or drove in from all over North America. Tausugs from all over the World, United States, Canada and the Philippines came together to promote mutual encouragement and fellowship among people-Philippines background or affiliation in North America and world-wide. The Hotel Gouverneur provided luxury accommodations on the beautiful and peaceful Ile Charron (Charron Island in the Saint Lawrence River.
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