Northern Virginia

Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF)
The Northern Virginia Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) is the Christian movement within the nursing profession.  It is an interdenominational, evangelical society of nurses.  Its purposes are to encourage among nurses - students or graduates - a witness to Jesus Christ, Christian growth through Bible study and prayer, demonstration of love in the name of Christ, applied faith in all issues and obedient involvement in missionary outreach.

Nurses know that life inevitably contains times of crisis. During these times, people are more aware of their need for God or for resources outside of themselves. They are vulnerable and need to be in touch with caring people. Nurses have the unique opportunity to be with people during the time that they fell the most alone and afraid. Nurses and nursing students are called upon to be consistently available in such situations. This places heavy demands on them. Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) seeks to enable Christian nurses to provide quality care to the total person, including the spiritual dimension, while supporting the care giver.

Nurses Christian Fellowship which is a department of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is a member of NCF International.

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