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Letter From Phebe Pendon, Chairperson, NCF Executive Council

Date: April 10, 2008

We thank and praise the Lord for your concern, prayers and full support of the ministries in the Philippines, including NCF-Philippines. Thank you for your concern for Silliman University (SU).  I know some of Silliman's remarkable academic achievements. I am happy for the high level of excellence that they have achieved. And, I would want to get the NCFers there to be more actively involved in NCF national scale & take on the leadership positions.  Silliman's College of Nursing Dean, has been appointed as the chairperson of the Technical Committee on Nursing Education under the Commission on Higher Education.  Priscilla Cuevas, CPUCN grad, NCFer is also a member of this committee.
I have been praying that SU nursing students and graduates would participate in our NCF national activities...  I understand that there is an established NCF group in Silliman; but, I have not heard from them directly since, IVCF & NCF group there has been handled by IVCF Regional Staff.  I will find a way to obtain a  report from them & all the other NCF groups.  From the top of my head, I scribbled a brief NCF Status to Indai Carmena. That was not complete.  
Hopefully, with the growing movement of IVCF, i.e. IVCF Philippines allowing NCF to move autonomously [following the IVCF-USA model] , we could grow stronger as an IVCF ministry among nurses and as a Nursing Professional Association or interest group. NCF is highly involved in the Roadmapping of the Nursing Profession in the Philippines by 2030.  Hence, our full autonomy would enable us to accomplish our vision and mission in influencing our professional nursing practice.
We now have 3 NCF BSN RN Staff: 2 based in Manila National Capital region. one associate NCF staff - Bethel Joy Berena based in Bacolod.  She has just joined us. While she has committed to be with us as an associate staff, she seemed to be working full time, covering 4 schools in Bacolod and 1 in Kabankalan.  She is currently undergoing training in KC.  When she gets to be on a Fulltime status, she could cover Silliman Univ,  Cebu and the rest of the Visayan Region.
Our effort to reach out to all nurses is nationwide...quite ambitious!  Yes !  The Lord laid in our hearts the dream of reaching out to all nurses in the country.
We have sent out letters to all the Deans of all Colleges of Nursing in the Philippines, inviting them and their faculty members and students to attend our 1st (April 2006) & 2nd (Nov 2007) National Conferences, and now we are moving into our 3rd National Conference in CPU, Iloilo this coming May 22-25, 2008.  We received positive responses; but, seems like, we just scratching the surface.  Silliman Univercity Dean did not respond.  No one from Silliman participated. One person was interested to attend;  but, didn't push through for lack of funds.  Hopefully this time, they can join us in CPU, Iloilo City.  Please encourage your niece to join the 3rd NCF national conference.
We keep moving, considering our own limitations and our full time jobs, other than NCF.  We, the graduates and the Executive Council believe that we are sowing seeds as we go around the country on our own personal time & expense. We envision to have more Faculty Assistants and Advisers in the different colleges of nursing, who could help us in shepherding nursing students.
Reflecting back....I remember, that the Lord led me to be in to IVCF Board of Trustees in August 2005. In the course of meetings, IVCF BOT mandated me to look into the NCF ministry, as at that time NCF was gasping for breath. NCF then had one staff, with a Physical Therapy background. I did an assessment. I prayed hard. Worked double time at night to research on NCF ministry. Interviewed significant people. Went through reports on NCF...Waited on the Lord!!! Prayed for a vision! Then God flooded our minds and hearts with His vision: "Excellent nurses towards global transformation for God's greatest glory" .
Filipino nurses are actively working in 163 nations!!! Who else would be in a better position to touch lives but the nurses!!...
We are moving slowly. Our vision for Global Transformation could only be achieved by incessant prayers. [Please continue to pray for us !]  by working intensively : evangelizing and discipling individual nurses. and by allowing God to work in their personal individual lives and the NCF groups they belong. Eventually, they would go into all the world and touch lives of all peoples. Worldwide!
We, NCFers have been moving from one place to another by His grace! .Significantly, God is at work! The Lord was among the 1,200 second year nursing students and 80 faculty members in Davao Doctors College of Nursing (July 2007), 300 in NotreDame University(October 2007), 299 in Doctor's Foundation in South Cotabato plus 50 +/- faculty members (October 2008), 120 & 116 in Central Philippine University in 2006 & in 2007 respectively etc, etc....Kairos!
We thank you for your partnership. We really appreciate your concern, your feedback,  suggestions and most of all your prayers....
May God continue to give us wisdom to discern His leading and empower us
to accomplish the vision he has set for us.
Amen. For His glory.
In His service,
Phebe Pendon
Chairperson, NCF Executive Council
1:40 AM


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