Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)

Northern Virginia Chapter

Rosie Go and Walt Okon are members and provide assistance to the Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) of Northern Virginia.

What is the Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) of Northern Virginia?

The Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) of Northern Virginia that Rosie and Walt support is a locally orgainized non-profit organization of member with the same concern and love for Jesus Christ.

Day:             Friday
Date:             5-7 July 2002
Time:            3 Days
Place:           Nyack College, Nyack, New York
Program:       The 19th Annual Balikatan Conference,  "Enlarge the Place of Your Tent", will be held on 5-7 July 2002.  Filipinos from all over the United States, Canada and the Philippines will come together to promote mutual encouragement and fellowship among Christians with IVCF-Philippines background or affilitation in North America and world-wide.
Location:  Nyack College, Nyack, New York will the our location for the 19th Annual Balikatan Conference on 5-7 July 2002.  This years event will be sponsored by the New York Balikatan Chapter.  The following pages have specific information about a great event.

Hazel Delgado
Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) of Northern Virginia is the main financial support for Hazel Delgado in the Philippines. Hazel is doing her IVCF leadership working with students in the Panay-lloilo Roxas Area.

Hazel herself has graduated with an A.B. in Engineering from Filamer Christian College. She has been a full time StaffWorker for IVCF for one year. Hazel said, "I joined the staff of IVCF because of my desire to minister to students, of the joy to witness how lives are transformed, and of the varied staffwork experiences."

Nellie A. Buenconsejo
In addition, Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) of Northern Virginia Chapter provides secondary support to Nellie A. Buenconsejo. Nellie is doing IVCF staffwork in the Central and Eastern Visayas. Nellie has been serving the Lord as a full time staffworker for 10 years. Nellie says, "our ministry plays a stratgic role in helping students become committed Christians leaders now and in the future."

29 November 1997

The next Chapter meeting of the Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) of Northern Virginia is on the 29th of this month. We will be getting updates and prayer requests from our staffworkers in the Philippines.

Our Chapter leader is Lisa Chinn, a former full time IVCF staffworker. She will be traveling to Texas to meet with IVCF leaders Glenn Jainga and Fe Jularbal in Texas. IVCF leaders here in the United States meet and organize support for the frontline mission staffworkers in the Philippines who are working directly with the students. May God continue to be their source of strength and joy. May His word revive and renew them.

Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) of Northern Virginia are grateful to God for our partnership in the Gospel.

Northern Virginia Chapter Members:
Lisa Espineli Chinn - Chairperson
Gil and Joy Basco
Doris Lee
Dan and Valerie Malabonga
Walter Okon
Rosie Go
They comprise the core group of the NOVA/DC IVCF Alumni group. 

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