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  07 March 2008
Walt and Rosie Okon:
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1) - Please pray for Carol the best friend of Nina and the sister of Adjo.  Suspicious lumps were found in her breast.  She has two kids and is based in Singapore.   She had a mammo and ultra sound scan the results are not good; two lumps.

 2) - Please pray for our nieces and nephew; Krystle, Carlette, and Bobby, who are all testing for their nursing.

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Pray for the local Nurses Christian Fellowship
Pray for the Nurses who are members of the Washington Metro Area NCF as they attend their monthly meetings

Come join your Nursing colleagues for our NCF Meetings with good fellowship, brunch and a time of reflecting on what it means to be "Motivated by Christ." Together (your presence is desired) let's encourage one another regarding our Nursing calling.

Call Rosie Go Okon at 703 644-6257 for information

International Students

Pay for the thousdands of International Students that are studying in Washington DC area to attend our colleges and Universities. These students are coming into a strange land to start studies at a strange school. They need our prayers and our hosting them. Take time to pray for them and if you can, host them and welcome them to this country.
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