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Silliman University Alumni in Northern Virginia in the United States

Silliman University alumni graduates in Northern Virginia has for its purposes to encourage among Silliman University - students or graduates - a desire to help others from Silliman University and to provide scholarships to student with potential to attend Silliman University.  We join together for Fun, Fellowship and Faith.

Silliman University in the Philippines the Campus life revolves around its motto: Via, Veritas, Vita (the Way, the Truth, the Life) . It is the University's mission to develop the whole person within the context of a Christian environment. Silliman University students are expected to put their education to work in service of others -- a distinction that sets Silliman apart from other institutions of higher learning.

This is what is going on in Virginia and the Washington DC Metro Area. As an institution of faith, the Silliman University graduates are committed to provide opportunities for the academic community to seek truth, justice and love-- Christian values which permeate every facet of Silliman University campus life.

The Silliman University Northern Virginia Chapter program is respected for its professionalism.
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