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Biography of Walter L. Okon written by Walter J. Okon his grandson in 2004.  Walter M. Okon was born on Poland in a village near Warsaw.

<>Very little is know about Walter M. Okon. We believe he was born in 1902 in a village just North of Warsaw, Poland.   He was the Father of three children; Jean, Mickolay and Alexander. Walter M. Okon came to the United States of America in the early 1900's.  The date was about 1912.  There does not seem to be any record at Ellis Island, New York of his entry.  Some how he got to the city of  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lived in that area.  Being from the country, he was more comfortable in the rual area and moved about 20 miles West of West Philadelphia into the Broomal area which was very much country at the time.

Jean Okon, the daughter of Walter M. Okon, was born in 1915.   Jean's Birth Certificate states her Mother's name was Anna Gruscza. The "Mother's" first name is "Annie" and the "Father's" name on the certificate is "Wladyslaw Okon". The birth place is Camden, New Jersey. She married a Victor Bjorklund.  They were divorced.  She worked at the Vineland Hospital for mental ill in Vineland NewJersey.  Upon her retirement she moved into a small one bed room appartment at 33D Barclay Apartments, 6 Temple Road, Vineland, County of Cumberland, New Jersey.  In 1998, she went to the Law Office of Francis G. Reuss, 121 North East Avenue, Post Office Box 763, Vineland, New Jersey 08362-0763.  She made out an Advance Directive for Health Care - Living Will. She named Walter J. Okon and Alan J. Okon as her appointed health care representatives. 

31 December 1916, Walter M. Okon and Anna Grain Okon had their second child, Mickolay J. Okon.  As far as we know Mickolay J. Okon was born in Camden New Jersey.   Mickolay J. Okon was the oldest son of Walter M. Okon


On 31 December 1916 Walter M. Okon and Anna Okon had their second child, Mickolay J. Okon. As far as we know Mickolay J. Okon was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.   Mickolay J. Okon the oldest son of Walter L. Okon married Cornelia Cantelmi in 1942 and they had a son whick they named Walter M. Okon.
Walter M. Okon had four children Jean 1915, Mickolay J. Okon on 31 December 1916, Alexander, and a girl.  The girl died in 1920 and was buried at some cemetery in Philadelphia.

Aunt Jean went to school at Saint Anastasia on West Chester Pike, in Broomall, PA.

Walter L. Okon came from Poland,  maybe in 1914,  he was from a farm community.  His father had a farm.  Walter L. Okon had two sisters.  He use to write to them when he was first in this country.  Walter L. Okon and his Father had a fight over the farm or the management of the farm.

Walter L. Okon was 19 when he came to the USA by boat.  He met a 19 year old girl on the boat.  When they arrived in the USA they were married in Philadelphia.  She was a Polish Orthodox Catholic.

They lived in Camden, New Jersey for a while when they were very young and new in this country.

Walter L. Okon was an owner of a small chicken farm on Post Road, Vineland, New Jersey during the 1950s, and 1960s.
He often went to the Five Points Tavern at Landis Avenue and Tuckahoe Road, Route 557.

In 1969 at Christmas time, Walt Okon visites his grandfather in Pleasentville, New Jersey.

Walter J. Okon, Michael A. Okon, and Walter M. Okon

I know that in the 1970s some time he sold the farm and moved to a Assisted Living community in or near Vineland.

He died some time in 1984 or 1985 I think.  Alan J.Okon believes that our Grandfather dies in Altanic County, New Jersey.
Walter M. Okon died May 1984 .  he is buried in Plesentville, New Jersey in NJ Route 9.


The Okon Family :
1st 2nd 3rd

Walter L. Okon, Born:  18?? -Warsaw, Poland
Anna Okon  (Wife of Walter L. Okon Born:   - Country:
Marrion Okon (Wife #2 of Walter L. Okon) Born:  ?? - Country:  USA

Jean Okon (Daughter #1 of Walter L. Okon and Anna Okon) Born: ???? - Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Mickolay J. Okon (Son #1 of Walter L. Okon and Anna Okon) Born: 31 December 1916 - Newtown Square, Pensylvania
          Cornelia Louise (Cantelmi) Okon, (Wife of Mickolay J. Okon)  Born: 03 August 1916 - Bethlem, Pensylvania
Walter John Okon, (Son #1 of Mickolay J. Okon and Cornelia Okon) Born:  21 May 1943, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                Ann (White) Okon, (Wife #1 of Walter John Okon-01 October1966)  Born:  24 June 1943
                Mickey Lin Okon, (Wife #2 of Walter John Okon-1989)  Born: 01 June 1960, Taiwain
                Rosie Lee (Go) Okon, (Wife #3 of Walter John Okon-09 January 1999), Born: 01 June 1951
Michael Aaron Okon, (Son #1 of Walter John Okon and Anne White Okon), Born: 24 September 1967,
                                                            Langley Air Force Base.
Stephen Todd Okon, (Son #2 of Walter John Okon and Anne White Okon), Born: 08 November 1969,
                                                            Langley Air Force Base.

XXXXXX Okon, (Son #2 of Mickolay J. Okon and Cornelia Okon) Born:  14 August 1946, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                xxxxxxx Okon,  (Wife #1 of xxxxx - ??????????)  Born:  ??????
xxxx xxxxx Okon Jr., (Son #1 of xxxxxxxxxxxxxOkon, and xxxxxxxxxxxx Okon), Born: ??????  at ??????
xxxxxxxxxx Okon, (Daughter #1  of xxxxxxxx Okon, and xxxxxxxxxx Okon), Born: ??????? at ??????
xxxxxxxx Okon, (Daughter #2  of xxxxxxxxx Okon, and xxxxxxxxxxxxx Okon), Born: ????????? at ??????

Alexandria J. Okon (Son #2 of Walter L. Okon and Anna Okon) - Born:???? Country:????Newtown Square, Pensylvania  

Llanerch Country Club was founded as Delaware County Country Club in 1901. The original course was designed by Alex Findlay and featured sand greens. In 1904 the club changed its name to the Delaware County Field Club, again in 1911 to the Philadelphia Athletic Club, again in 1914 to Bon Air Country Club, and again in 1918 to Llanerch Country Club. In 1927 the club added a third nine, but in 1949 the club reverted to 18 holes, with J.B. McGovern redesigning the course.

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